Assassin's Creed Red's Loot System Should be More Like Odyssey than Valhalla

Game Rant Writes "Assassin's Creed has gone through many iterations of loot and gear, but AC Red should look more like Odyssey's version than Valhalla's."

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MeatyUrologist67d ago

Agreed. I think odyssey had a nearly perfect loot system. In fact I feel like valhalla was a step back from odyssey in nearly every way. If they can nail the japan setting, and bring back the best parts of odyssey (loot, exploration, setting) while eliminating the grind and overly large map, this could be a winner.

ZeekQuattro67d ago

I gave up on Valhalla. The requirements needed to progress the story are insane. Origins and Oydessey had moments like that but not to the level of Vahalla. It didn't feel like a chore beating those games. At pretty much any point I could stop exploring and focus on the story if I really wanted to. I can't say the same for Valhalla.

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