Mark Rein Interview

Surely, you've read what ">Cliff Bleszinski, Epic's lead designer, has had to say to TeamXbox about Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and Unreal Engine. Now's your chance to check out what another of the Epic team, Mark Rein, the company's VP and co-founder, has on his mind. They might work under the same roof, but they have different approaches to dishing the dirt.

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PS360PCROCKS4889d ago

um...what happened to "we always support our customers and everything is always free" from the way he phrased it twice sure sounds like they want to start charging for stuff. He even said that if it's worth charging that they will charge, wtf Epic? Charging or not charging?

SuperSaiyan44889d ago

They say they have always made extra stuff free well hang on to get the 360 stuff free they needed The Discovery channel to sponsor it, well looking at the past I dont remember seeing sponsored adds with the miserable extras they gave with their past games on the PC...

Sorry to say this but I personally get the feeling sometimes on how Mark Reins talks that he is a complete and utter idiot.

kamakazi4889d ago

you guys get upset with REIN for "maybe charging " for future downloads, yet you enjoy EPIC'S games. do you people not have jobs? if someone wants the download bad enough they will pay for it, simple as that.

Bullseye4889d ago

episodic content on the wind. Lets make games that only last long enough to get people hooked, than hit'em in the pocket.You want 70 hours? Sure , but at what cost? Count me out you SOB's