Dragon Quest IX - New screenshots

Square Enix published some new Dragon Quest IX screenshots.

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RPG Guy3585d ago

To see the Dragon Quest series held back like this. Dragon Quest X on the Wii won't be moving the series forward technically from VIII and quite frankly, IX on DS is an insult. It SHOULD be on a next-gen console, even Wii would be fine. Releasing DQV on DS is appropriate, just like releasing Star Ocean 1 & 2 on the PSP is. But a full new entry into the series, in this day and age should not be done on a handheld.

PS360WII3584d ago

DQ will always go to the system with the most units because SE wants the game to be played by as many as there can be. If you know the history of DQ you'd know that the graphical input for the series is nothing to really chime in about as they only update the engine every 4th one or so. DQVIII-XI will all probably look very similar because the Dragon Quest series as a whole does not give a hoot about pushing graphics as they care more about story, quests, fine tuning, and all the stuff that makes a great game great which is nothing about graphics.

Putting this one on the DS is a great firm step in the right direction as well seeing that most turn based rpgs are frowned upon on consoles and found a new home on handhelds. Hopefully by the time X comes out that stigmata will be gone again and we can enjoy more turn based games on the consoles.

CoolTrainer3584d ago

Whoa these images make it look better than I actually imagined it before. I was actually about to pass this game up but now I will have to keep it under my watchful eye. It looks hot ( and with these latest images continues to look hot.

I cant wait for the American Release Date to be announced.

TheColbertinator3584d ago

Two Dragon Quest Games on Nintendo platforms...looks like Square Enix has made the wiser choice.

Xwow20083584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

but i really want to see it on next generation consoles.
dragon quest in consoles is better than in portable (like dragon quest 8).

TheColbertinator3584d ago

Dragon Quest will always be made for the highest selling consoles.DQ is not about technology or innovation,it is about RPG tradition.SE just followed the money and will continue to do so until the next console war starts.

For now I'm glad its on Wii.For the first time in years I actually approve of something that SE has done