CVG The House of the Dead: Overkill Preview

CVG writes: "Headstrong are anything if not enthusiastic about Overkill. Sitting down for a hands-on session with a brand new level - a mutant outbreak in a hospital that makes MRSA look like TLC - we spotted a curious pre-level title card: 'Presented in Slater Vision'.

Chatting later to studio head Bradley Crooks we're told that Slater is Mark Slater, the lead artist on the game. "We were having a little bit of fun and we thought, 'you know what, Sega's given us such a broad remit to approach this how we want, we thought we'd go to town'," says Crooks. It's a nice aside and perfect for the desired 'grindhouse' feel."

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Samer3053804d ago

This should not be a wii exclusive. Should be for 360/PS3 as well.

GVON3804d ago

cant wait to get this

GFahim3804d ago

kills dual analogue controls. it makes a difference. its UNIQUE. hence, its exclusive to Wii!

Gr813804d ago

Game be able to play on the PS360? Its IR control dude.

PS360WII3803d ago

Awesome game that'll work perfectly on the Wii. Glad Sega is renewing this franchise as it was cool and all to get 2&3 remakes but to get a brand spanking new one :) even better