GameTrailers GotY Awards 2008 - Best Action Adventure Game

The thirst for adventure is as strong as ever, and these are the games that made the grade.

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Carbide73585d ago

Come on... MGS4 deserves this one...

MAR-TYR-DOM3585d ago

you know how gametrailers is, i always think they are bias, GOTY will be GTA4. They know if they give GOTY or special awards to xbox games they will lose the ps3 fanbase. And vice versa for ps3 games that is why they are awarding multiplatform games.

BigPappaPump3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

I said it before and I'll say it again, Gametrailer has no credibility. Are you surprise that GTA IV is their game of the year? Were Metal Gear Solid 4 a multiplatform it would be game of the year by a landslide. GT is a joke, a bad one.

Danja3585d ago

game trailer suck..

GTA4 didn't deserve this

just like the picked Fallout 3 over Persona 4 as best RPG...

and Rockband 2 over persona 4 for best PS2 game..

gamesmaster3585d ago

yeah i enjoyed mgs4 as a gaming experience more than gtaIV.

like you said they're trying to stay neutral by awarding it to a multiplat title, if theyd given it gears2 ps3 fanboys would cry and if they gave it mgs4 360 faboys would cry. catch 22 for them.

but with regards to the site they've lost credibility in alot of peoples eyes already. myself? i just enjoy their HQ videos, nothing else.

bennyace3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

That every time a site says something against a ps3 game, or doesn't say what people personally think it's always biased towards xbox? We've heard that argument so many times that Microsoft must own all the video games sites. I would like to know what gaming sites are still reliable according to people that are accusing Microsoft of paying everyone in the business to get favorable reviews. Even ps3 owners don't find the majority games all that good because they're not buying them. I, personally have only two ( socom and moptorstorm ). The ps3 has 21 million sellers while the 360 has 58. witch is more than double, despite the fact that the 360 can be modded, so they're probably loosing a lot of software sales there. I have all 3 consoles, so I'm not a fanboy for either side but I believe that MGS 4 is not for everyone. So before claiming that a site is bias or that Microsoft is buying good review look at sales numbers. Usually sales reflects the quality of a game. But Microsoft is probably buying those also !!! ;)

Rejoice, in the most disappointing category no ps3 exclusives were nominated and 2 xbox 360 were!

Gun_Senshi3585d ago

if you run firefox and no script you can easily see what sites are associated with what sites example cnet that is owned by microsoft

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MaximusPrime3585d ago

GTA 4? no way.

it should have been MGS4.

Gun_Senshi3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

they didn't give is to mgs4 because its a ps3 exclusive. everyone knows what gametrailers are nowdays

They didn't give Persona 4 PS2 game of the year they gave it to can they say they know a thing about gaming?

This site editiors needs to get fired and get new proper one. Site is good only due to user uploaded movies.


Maybe they actually liked another game more than MGS4?

It is possible you know...

Halochampian3585d ago


Everyone's Favorite game MUST be the same game!!

Downtown boogey3585d ago

Yes, but it's unlikely...

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