Kevin Pereira's Hits On Kanye West Auto-Correction

A genius parody has hit the Interweb, titled "Kevye West: 808's and Expirations Dates (Guac Lockdown)" (an obvious pun on Kanye's latest album, 808s and Heartbreak).

From the video description reads: Pitch auto-correction and with an amazing beat that if push propertly can be something that you will hear to a radio near you. Touching on the subjects of guacamole and expired milk.

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ZootHornRollo3802d ago

i like how they rename the tool use.


KobeT243802d ago

I also hate when the milk goes bad.

PotNoodle3802d ago

How is this gaming related?

Mr_Showtime13802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Wish people would back off from Kanye though, he's a good musician, maybe not the strongest singer and rather egotistical, but 808s is still a hell of alot better than some of the other garbage though. At least he's trying to do something new rather than the same trash people like 50 Cent put out over and over again.

*Replied to wrong person*

uie4rhig3802d ago

this isn't game related AT ALL!!

yaah ur right..

but but every1 report this as spam ¬¬

celldomceen13802d ago

hmmmm......this is supposed to be funny RIGHT?!

NipGrip3802d ago

You just link directly to the YouTube video?

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