Zo's Best of PS3 Awards for 2008

Zo writes " Best Soundtrack

This one was a tough one but I am going to shock a lot of people and say that Call of Duty: World at War beat out the competition. The music in COD is great and always appropriate for the situation. The score sets tone and helps to engulf you in the epic battle that is COD.

Best Sports Game

Last year, Madden took top billing but after a game that end up being filled with tons of glitches there is no way I could give it to them. This one is always tough because there is usually never one unanimous decision on a sports title, but even with a few online issues the only sports game I am still playing is NBA 2K9, so it gets the nod."

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ikiru33853801d ago

what the hell???? sid meier's civ. revolution is NOT an's a strategy game. This guy needs to play more games.

Here are my two cents:

Best Soundtrack - Valkyria Chronicles
Best Sports Game - MLB '08: The Show/FIFA '09
Best ALternate Sports Game - Shaun White Snowboarding
Best Graphics - MGS4
Best Artistry - POP/Valkyria Chronicles
Biggest Surprise - Dead Space
Biggest Disappointment - Mirror's Edge/NFS: Undercover
Best FPS - Resistance 2
Best Replay Value - LBP
Most Innovative - LBP
Best RPG - Fallout 3

DARKTRINITYxxx3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

My 2 cents are :

Best sound track Valkyria Chronicles
Best sports game N/A as i hate em
Best alternate sports game same as above^
Best graphics Dead Space
Best Artistry Valkyria Chronicles and Prince Of Persia
Best supprise Dead Space
Best dissapointment none really as i only by the cream of the crop
when it comes to gamming
Best FPS Resistance 2 and Call Of Duty World At War and Farcry 2
Best replay value Burnout paradise thanks to criterions excellent
Best innovative game Little Big Planet and Tom Clancys End war
Best RPG Valkyria Chronicles and Fallout 3
GOTY Valkyria Chronicles