The GameGirls Best of 2008 Awards

Gamegirl writes:

"You saw the Spike TV Videogame Awards and you have probably read other site's Top 2008 Awards. Well, now it's our turn and here are the GameGirls Best of 2008 Awards!! Hope you enjoy, and please remember these are just our opinions; nothing more, nothing less."

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Gun_Senshi3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

"Jess: Call of Duty 4 - Watching someone get chased and mauled by hounds is pwnage right there. Classic."

Since when COD4 has Hounds? Its COD: [email protected] -_-'''

Overshadowed- They said L4D and Starwars TFU? Starwars Demo broke records and L4D is on top charts.

Overshadowed- Valkyrie Chronicles, Persona 4 and even Mirrior's Edge

Waiting for next site that think they know stuff abouting gaming to laugh at GT