Playstation 3's Honorable Mention For 2008

GameXtract writes: "The world of video games has become an incredible industry where these days millions of dollars are put into production just to entertain the masses. With the industry growing at a such an increasing rate, and video games progressing at a rate that even we can't keep up, we can only look back at where it started, how far we have already come, and what lies in the future. At the end of each and every year, many websites and media groups tend to try and rate games, and give what they believe to be the GOTY. In an industry much like the movies you can't simply just hand out a GOTY to any game without their being controversial, and disagreement from the audience. In addition, no one wants to sit through, and watch, or read through ten different awards for ten different sections. It's just too much, and no one wants to go through it all.

In alternative to the generalization, and the categorization boredom, we here at GameXtract are introducing the Honorable Mentions list. Instead of naming one game GOTY, we have created four lists for each platform (PS3, X360, Wii, and PC) upon which we note titles that have had an outstanding performance on that platform. This is really a list of must haves, and if you are missing any of these titles then you are surely not done with 2008, nor are you ready for 2009. Let's honor those title that have made each console proud to be in this generation."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3673d ago

Happy Holidays PS3 fans.2008 was the year of the PS3 just like 2007.It seems the PS3 line-up crushed the puny xbot dogs and sent the 360 to the repair center again.I look forward to the imbecile xbots using their "jokes" to mask their tears.