Modojo Space Deadbeef Review

Modojo writes: "The iPhone's accelerometer makes it perfect for side scrolling and vertical shooters because we can control our ships by physically tilting device. Unfortunately, someone forgot to send designer Yuji Yasuhara the memo. His video game, Space Deadbeef, is a wonderful first effort that harks back to the 16-bit glory days, but its control scheme is so annoying that it kills much of the fun.

Instead of moving the iPhone as you do in Platypus, you drag your finger across the screen. That'd be fine if all it did was control your spaceship, but for whatever reason, Yusuhara tied both it and the lock-on together. If you want to attack an enemy, achieved by dragging your finger across it, you also move your spaceship in the same direction. So if an enemy fighter flies towards the bottom of screen and unleashes a barrage of bullets, touching it automatically moves you down the screen and right into the line of fire."

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