Killzone 2 Exclusive Cutscene -"Here we present a realtime cutscene that shows the true might of the Helgan forces."

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360degrees3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

to see if this game can live up to even Half of the "Incredible Hype" that is surrounding it(highly doubtful)...but I predict that the reviewers and such are really going to have a field day with this one, I mean honestly they're gamers just like the rest of us, and while they were having to wait such an Agonizingly long time for this game to be released, they have probably let their expectations continue to build and build to unimaginable heights. As it stands now, the bar is simply set to high for this playstation exclusive to live up to it, sadly

resistance1003804d ago

"As it stands now, the bar is simply set to high for this playstation exclusive to live up to"

I disagree, while there is a lot of hype, i will say that Halo 3 and GTA IV received more and they both almost lived up to their hype.

Still from what i've played of Killzone 2 so far, i will be very satisfied with this game.

ThatCanadianGuy3804d ago

That's what i'm always saying about Alan wake.

Luckily the PC version should retain the hype.Hopefully.

elorm93804d ago

This game is a must buy for me. I hope I can preorder it ASAP!

Atomic3804d ago

More like "the bar set by Killzone 2 is simply too high for other games to reach.

blind-reaper3804d ago

PS3 SUCKS, PS3 SUCKS, PS3 SUCKS, PS3 SUCKS!!!! lol... awesome

Aclay3804d ago

@360 degrees

If you think that bar has been set too high for Killzone 2 for whatever Stupid reason, then I imagine that the Bar will even higher for Halo3:OSDT to even reach when it comes out Fall 2009. I think you fail to realize that Killzone 2 is setting bars for future FPS.

After looking at Killzone 2 in action, if anyone still doubts this game, you are in serious denial. Seriously, Killzone 2 makes Halo 3 look last gen. for god's sake. You 360 fanboys make me laugh everytime you try to downplay Killzone 2.

El_Colombiano3804d ago

Somebody just tell me how amazing the video was. I refuse to watch it. I want the full experience come February!

supahbad3804d ago

it was pretty freakin decent, bad quality and i dont see how youtube is exclusive, but you can tell this game's singleplayer will be very stroy oriented and they have put some thought into it

El_Colombiano3804d ago

Bubbles for the reply. Thanks man.

Carbide73804d ago

I bet Eurogamer, Edge and Kotaku are busy finding faults and crying.

"The good: the game looks alright and the gameplay is somewhat sharp but we hoped it would reach Gears of War standards in visuals. Good story but we don't like it.

The bad: lighting too realistic, It's not on the 360, took too long to release, looks better than the target render, bad texture in the 5th level at the second corner under the red pipe.
Characters don't look like they're on 'roids. Enemy AI act like they're alive, they try and hide from your shots and flank you. Environments are too varied. No chainsaw."

QuackPot3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

But not because of the "Incredible Hype" because there isn't any; well, any being made by Sony that is - just the Ps3 critics.

Yes, "the reviewers and such are really going to have a field day with this one" not because they are gamers BUT because many are biased fanboys who just don't like Sony.

I mean honestly. We've been waiting "an Agonizingly long time for this game" because Guerilla Games isn't as experienced with games development like veterans Insomniac, Infinity Ward, Epic, Naughty Dog, Criterion etc.

Sheez, if any of these developers were given the job of developing Killzone 2 it would have likely been out a year ago and been awesome.

And yes again, "the bar is simply set too high for this playstation exclusive to live up to it" because sadly, that bar is being set by anti-ps3 fanboys/critics. Obvious really.


I am a fan of KZ1 as it's still a solid shooter for its time. I rated it 7/10 due to it's clumsy graphics glitches, linear gameplay, lack of physics, no usable vehicles.

But you could clearly see the potential there for Killzone 2 to be better. Either GG needs to learn from its mistakes and gain more experience OR another top notch developer should have been brought in to make it - fck, I'd love to have seen Epic's or Criterions's version of Killzone 2 with their experience with great shooters.

Looks like GG has learnt and will be making a better version of the game.

I don't expect too many 10/10 reviews but Killzone 2 shouldn't get less than 8/10. So yes, I'm excited by no one is hyping here....just looking for a better version of a solid game.

Bring on Uncharted2, Gow3, Heavenly Sword 2, Black 2, Warhawk2, CoD MW2...

Got the message? Good.

Bathyj3804d ago

Its not exactly hype to just say when you've seen something good. Quackpots right, its not like Sony or GG are going on and on about this game. Only people who've played it are.

You sound like you're just getting an excuse in place so you can hate it when its out.

If you dont trust the hype, at least trust your eyes.

The animation in this is peerless.

prowiew3804d ago

The only thing that im worried about this game is the enemy AI. From the videos im seeing, the AI seems worrisome. The rest looks good

sa_nick3804d ago

I hate when people talk about games living up to hype. Games should only be hyped up as much as you personally anticipate it. Nintendo hype up stuff like Super Smash Bros and the latest Mario game all the time, but I see them and have no idea why, they don't seem fun at all.

Like music, movies, art, whatever, gaming is totally subjective.

I'm a Playstation fanboy, but KZ2 doesnt really interest me so I'm not overly hyped for it at all. It'll prolly live up to my expectations of being another console FPS that I'll play for a few hours at a friends place and be a little 'meh' about it all.

ProperFunked3804d ago

sounds like halo 2-3. played it for an hour, could care less if i ever played either again.

ProperFunked3804d ago

was that marcux fenix's voice at 1:53??

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Carbide73804d ago

I don't give a fu<k about what any site says about Killzone 2. First day buy for me

CaptainHowdy3804d ago

it looks like much dis this fricken game cost??? it looks expensive

Kleptic3804d ago

its rumored to have a development budget of nearly 60 million was only confirmed to be 'over 40 million' by some Dutch newspaper back in 2006...but many sources point to it being much more than that...

yeah...its expensive...if it really is around 60, its a good 10 million more than MGS4 give or take...

Heaven_Or_Hell3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I thought that he hadn't got the game ? /sarcasm

Btw, NDA is Broken, prepare yourself to receive Sony's Ninjas @[email protected]

TOO PAWNED3804d ago

Just because he posted some vid from youtube doesn't mean he has game, this is from some Sony event.Probably closed one

trancefreak3804d ago

hey too pony silly goon shhhh you are annoying

Danja3804d ago

hmm not watching a single KZ2 video till..I get the game..XD

Ashton3804d ago

I still haven't watch a single new video of Killzone 2.

same deal for uncharted 2.

I just want to enjoy it when i get the game

Dunta223804d ago

i agree with you once again. i dont want to ruin it

Spinitus3804d ago

same here. it's hard resisting not to watch one of these videos, but i gotta be strong and not ruin the experience. :)