GT5 not out until 2010 at earliest? What could happen if it is the case!

"They need to put out a game each 2 years, which allows the a year in pre-release period to work on the future iteration, like every other normal developer does, and they SELL copies and people would buy the NEXT iteration at the same rate, making them more $$ and getting the same, if not more support from fans.

This is a slap in the face to any GT5 supporter, basically saying, well we don't care how much you might want it, you're not getting until we're ready, even if that takes 5 yrs . .and that 2010 is only a "rough time frame. What happens if they come out mid 2010 and say . . well, we've had to advance the game as the PS3 has had advances (or Sony has put the PS4 out) so we have to re-work the game or do more to it."

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Samer3055148d ago

This is from an old interview. This news was already posted a long time ago. The more recent one he said that it will be released sooner then you think.

BananaSlug5148d ago

this writer needs to get a ps3 first before he starts complaining

gambare5148d ago


I didn't bother to read the article when I saw the source

Rock Bottom5148d ago

"GT5 not out until 2010 at earliest? What could happen if it is the case!"

Nothing, as a GT fan I actually think it wont be out tell 2010.

"This is a slap in the face to any GT5 supporter"

Not really, GT fans are used to that kind of delay, GT3 was delayed for months, GT4 was delayed for a year and a half, as long as the end result meat the expectation GT fans will be satisfied.

PirateThom5148d ago

As someone who has been playing GT since day 1, I've not only come to accept the delays, but expect them.

A lot of franchises I like have this problem (Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, etc). I only accept it because I know the final product will blow everything else away.

prowiew5147d ago

Personally, I never liked the gt series. I think is one of the most overrated series in gaming. But maybe is me.

gaffyh5147d ago

Ok this is retarded, a 360 site talking about a PS3 game. Plus it's old, the newer interview said some time in 2009

Kaneda5147d ago

1.6 -
"Ok this is retarded, a 360 site talking about a PS3 game. Plus it's old, the newer interview said some time in 2009"

becoz there is no 360 games to talk about for 2009 or 10... :) s

SonyOwnsNextYear5147d ago

Im enjoying midnight clubs cheesy a.i.

but i cant wait for gt5 to come out. Im tired of these arcade ricers..i hope the PD godz add in bikes....

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darkmurder5148d ago

Indeed it is, but it is also an article from that stating what could happen if it was.

Rock Bottom5148d ago

More importantly, it's from XboxOZ about a PS3 game.

Aclay5148d ago (Edited 5148d ago )

I looked at the original article and didn't see a date when it was written, so it could be old. There was a more recent interview with Kazunori about a month or two ago where he "laughed at a 2010 release", implying that the game will hit sometime in 2009 (most likely late 2009), so I'll take this with a grain of salt.

However, I think that GT5 might come out in Japan and/or Europe Late 2009 and will come out in the U.S. Early 2010. If it comes out in Europe Late 2009, I'll just import it, but I do hope that it hits the U.S. Late 2009.

.... And why in the heck is a Xbox site reporting something about Gran Turismo 5?!! This Xbox site needs to just stick to reporting on Xbox 360 racing titles like PGR, Forza, and Race Pro, not Gran Turismo.... oh well, I guess I can't blame them, they must be seriously worried about the competition that GT5 will bring when it finally comes out, LOL.

claney5147d ago

because GT is the greatest console racing sim
ever to be published (even w/o dmg) it still
awesome to look at those real(istic) cars going
around the track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samer3055147d ago

This article has been posted 3 times already. By 3 different websites. Xbox sites should not be reporting PS3 news but instead focusing on important 360 news.

Serg5147d ago

Gran Turismo has no competition...

resistance1005148d ago

why on earth is doing an article on a playstation 3 exclusive

PirateThom5148d ago

Why not?

I've found this site to be one of the more even handed sites, sure they're 360 fans, but they're not biased. I'd rather hear their opinion than Kotaku, for example.

Nathan Drake5148d ago

Old interview,it's coming out in 2009.