JB Hi-Fi to Stock Blu-ray Only: Aussie retailer backs Sony's format of choice.

In a sign that HD DVD might well be dead on arrival when it is released in Australia within the next couple of months, major Australian entertainment retailer, JB Hi-Fi has commented that they will only be stocking Blu-ray format HD movies and entertainment.

According to iTWire, the company has backed the PS3's format of choice, simply due to the number of film companies who have committed to the format.

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D R Fz4898d ago

Lol, they didn't even give Hd Dvd a chance. At times, it's just amazing how fast the cookie crumbles.

JS1HUNDRED4897d ago

To hell with JB. EB will stock it, and their the Giants of Gaming Retail.

DJ4897d ago

The 360's HD-DVD drive is hardly selling, and Blu-ray is quickly overtaking its rival format. Add the pending launch of the PS3 in PAL territories and it's obvious that retailers are simply taking a low-risk approach.

the_bebop4897d ago

It almost seems that there is no one here on this website from Australia besides me. Any way Just so everyone knows the reason why this is important news is because JB Hi-Fi is one of the biggest sellers of TVs, computer, software and other Eletronic Hardware in Australia.

To hell with JB. EB will stock it, and their the Giants of Gaming Retail."

EB dosen't sell hardware, so they won't be determine the future of Blu-ray here in Australia, also EB don't sell any DVD's here in Australia anymore so why would they stock Blu-ray or HD-DVD movie disc.

Also some times you can get a better deal then most places when buying some thing like a LCD TV.

sa739174897d ago

Rest assured there are other aussies on here :-)

dragn avengr4897d ago

NO bro...Me Australia too. So make it 2 of us...hehehe

the_bebop4897d ago

Thank god, I am getting tierd of listening to a bunch of people from outside Australia who think that the gaming world only revolves around what happens in Japan, Europe, or the US. I am not trying to be racist or anything but it just gets annoying listinig to people who make stupid comments or have no clue about gaming outside of there own country.

specialguest4897d ago

I'm not from Australia, but I do plan to visit someday. I have a friend who moved there from the US. I hear that the lifestyle there is pretty nice and month long vacations are common. anyway, I suppose the JB stores are kinda like the BestBuy stores for the US.

Master of Menace4896d ago

Just picked up a copy of Underworld : Evolution, on Blu-ray from Harvey Norman. I just couldn't wait to own one.

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MaximusPrime4897d ago

Way to go, australia!

I hope one or more of UK's retailer will follow.

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