Star Ocean: The Last Hope - New High Quality Trailer

Square Enix published an amazing new Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer in high quality. Enjoy.

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tatotiburon3582d ago

omg i can't wait for this game, looks amazing

Bnet3433582d ago

True. Reminds me of Phantasy Star Online.

Foxgod3582d ago

It reminds me of star ocean 3, art directions is exactly the same as the prvevious title.

ali3123582d ago

This looks like someone just crapped on it, honestly the best one on the 360 is definitely fable 2. Square Enix are just full of crap

3582d ago
SUP3R3582d ago

That trailer just lowered my expectations.

Lord Xire3582d ago

That trailer isn't really's just 2 trailers melded in together...

Seems like the opening CGI that leads to the Star Ocean time and the E32008 trailer put together.

Nothing really new here....and to tell the truth the newer trailer that came out a few days ago shows off greatness.

Can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.