This is a comPile of Gears of War 2 Epic Fails - Part 2

And you thought the first comPile of Gears of War 2 Epic Fails was it, didn't you? Well, there is more unfortunately, and surely they'll keep pouring in. It seems like Gears of War 2 is the most glitch ridden Game EVER!!!

Before getting into part 2, here are the results from the poll "GOW2: Combustible Map Pack?".

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tatotiburon3799d ago

lol another blog hahahaha lmao

Kush_Reaper3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

You sit there and laugh at a blog while EPIC laughs at you for forking out $60 for a broken game lol. You my friend are the definition of a brainless bot.

You're lucky it's christmas, so i won't deprive you of any more bubbles.


tatotiburon3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

LOL said the droid who spent $60 for the broken SOCOM one of the biggest FLOP of the year, sad little droid.

lord_of_balrogs3799d ago

Seriously Kush, stop with the Obama crap it's annoying as hell. He already oversaturates the media, we don't need it from you as well. And for the record, the game is not broken, the multiplayer is. The story and gameplay for co-op and single player campaign is far superior to the original Gears. And once epic releases its new patch all these issues will be resolved.

meatnormous3799d ago

Fell in the water with the tank, didn't die. Just stayed suspended in the water. I had an enemy stuck between my feet forever after a head stomp, then the game froze. Went through a wall during a boss battle and couldn't get out. Good game but needs fixed. My favorite series Socom needs more than a patch to get my love back. Play a 32 player map and you'll know what I mean. I know I'm close to the enemy when the game stutters then my gun goes hot. Can't wait for the patch.

tatotiburon3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

STFU Droid you don't even own a xbox 360

EDIT: and Epic didn't release any patch right?? STFU droid.

The droid say he bought a new xbox 360 because his last x360 from 2006 had the warranty is 3 years, why he bought a new xbox 360 when he had his warranty still running?? two options HE'S THE BIGGEST MORON OF THE EARTH LIKE THE DROIDS OR HE IS FULL OF SH*** LIKE YOU Jinko

Jinko3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

LOL, fail. First, Socom is $40, not 60 -_-. Second, at least /6 is admitting the game has problems and they are patching it.

EDIT:tatotiburon: "STFU Droid you don't even own a xbox 360 ".

And yet he has an Live account and a gamer card.

3799d ago
Kush_Reaper3799d ago

Your pathetic tato. You assume that i purchased soccom because i own a ps3. EPIC face palm troll boy. I haven't even played soccom on the ps2 for christ sake. I on the other know you have a 360n and gears 2 because you troll all other news but praise that game. Also because gears 2 is the only game worth getting on your precious box.


meatnormous3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Check out my achievements for Gears 2 and when I received them. The proof is there, I am on my second xbox. First one died in a matter of weeks so I took it back to walmart. Bought another a few days ago. Why is that so hard to believe. You are just very stupid, do a little research before you choose to look like a total dumbass. Maybe you don't have a choice and god made you special. I am one of the few that actually have their gammer card and psn id on display, where is yours? You defend a console like its made of gold, at least show people that you actually play games instead of just talking trash about the PS3.

meatnormous3799d ago

In your opinion which version of gears is better? The pc or the 360? the pc version has alot of bonus stuff , yet I can hear you screaming that the 360 version is superior. Send me a friend invite asshole if you have the balls.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3798d ago

I wonder how many more millions of copies this game will sell more than the best selling game on the PS3, like Movie Gear Solid.

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interrergator3799d ago

idk why they released a map pack while the multiplayer is broken

Carbide73799d ago

Because the 360 is desperately in need of new software maybe?

CommonSense3798d ago

don't talk, you're a moron.

as for gears. i loved the first one despite the glitchers. the problem is, this new gears goes way beyond exploits. the game is simply broken. epic won't acknowledge this, probably because they are already working on a 3rd one and don't want to worry about it. but i can tell you this much. if they spent as much time as they claimed perfecting the first game to make the second, and this is still the same old crap we had to deal with before but worse; we'll be lucky if gears 3 doesn't just slap you in the face when you open it then refuse to work at all.

CommonSense3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

disagrees cuz i called out a fanboy. you know, we're all gamers and we're in this together regardless of your system preference. the fanboys are ruining the gaming experience for everyone by trying to peddle their retard agenda. i hate you, i hate you, i hate you. i don't even know what else to say. the ps3 fanboy is the most irate, insane, ridiculous person that has ever plagued gaming. you comin in droves and you offer nothing but BS propaganda and opinions. you make no sense, you make unfounded claims, and you put a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who just wants to enjoy and experience gaming. all fanboys are bad, but the ps3 fanboy on n4g is just a plague. a sad, pathetic, disgusting plague.

all i said was for some retard fanboy to not talk and bring something to the table we're all tired of hearing about. i don't give a flying f*** what you think about your system over the other. both systems have some good games, and both systems have some crap. gears of war 1 was a good game and set new standards for graphics. gears 2 is a bug/glitch ridden joke. same can be said for resistance. resistance 1 was fun for what it was. it wasn't revolutionary, it wasn't was just fun. R2 was more of the same and terrible graphics and silly MP. and i don't care if you agree or disagree with those statements. but don't just be some blind fanboy who dedicates his experience to the corporation that made his system. make a real point...say something useful and meaningful and show some links. don't just say "360 needs software." 360 has software, it has some great software. and if sales are any indication, i'd say it's ps3 of all 3 systems that needs some software cuz they aren't moving numbers.

bottom line is, it doesn't matter which system you own and which games you like. that's your personal preference. it's that gears 1 had a huge fan base and they spit in our faces with gears 2. it's a bug plagued garbage game that has done more wrong than right. it has so many glitches that you can find on youtube that it would take weeks to watch all of the problems. and what's worse is epic is slapping us in the face by not addressing these issues after 2 games. and that is why i refuse to buy any new maps or another gears titles til they actually fix the real problems that exist in their games. and if they don't... screw you epic, you lost my support.

EDIT: an additional thought...the reviews for gears 2 mentioned nothing of the bugs. and the bugs are obvious within an hour of playing. so that is saying one of two things. either 1, when a game is reviewed, they spend very little time actually putting the game to scrutiny. or 2, they are bought off. either way, the consumer is getting screwed over and i've decided firmly that i will never goto another magazine or review site for information about the quality of a title. these mags and sites left us believe that gears 2 is the best shooter of the year and it's really just more of a joke. you can't trust these people at all anymore and i'm done with them. these people need to be held responsible. the majority of us aren't rich and we shouldn't be forking out 60 dollars for garbage games because they told us they were great if they aren't. these sites have lost all credibility with me.

Jinko3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Ummmm, uahhh, it's part of the game! It's my favorite part too!

Rushed product just like the 360. Also, just like the 360, this game FAILS.

chanto233799d ago

but its a shame really, the campaign was better this time around, but they really messed up the multiplayer aspect of the game. The funny thing is that even though reviewers gave this game almost perfect scores you don't see the game being mentioned as GoTY material on many sites. Its almost at the reviewers where forced to give the game a good score because of the hype.

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