GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2008: Best Role-Playing Game

GameTrailers looks back as some of the best Role-Playing games of 2008

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Megaton3584d ago

Before Fallout 3 came out, I didn't give a crap about it, and actually started feeling negative towards it after watching the E3 presentation. After launch, a couple friends said it was great, so I borrowed it from one of them. First few hours I didn't like it, but I kept playing and somewhere between fighting a Super Mutant Behemoth with the Brotherhood of Steel, a myriad of random occurrences, and Tranquility Lane, I really started enjoying this game.

Unfortunately my PS3 broke the day after I started loving this game, so I'm gonna have to wait until I get it back (with a clean hard drive, no doubt), and then start over. I'm actually feeling pretty anxious about that though, thinking about the changes I'll make in this next playthrough.

Good game is good.

Faztkiller3584d ago

same here hated at first but after about 3 hours it was good
same thing happen with oblivion and mass effect hated first level of that game

hay3583d ago

Hey, It's quite the opposite for me. I was hyped, loved it at first but after like 30 minutes I realized how F3 sucks for me. It was disappointing.

Faztkiller3583d ago

yeah still let down but it got better for me still not buying it
maybe when it gets cheaper it hard to give up $60 sometimes

patterson3584d ago

That game deserves way more sales than it's gotten.

Rock Bottom3584d ago

VC was the best JRPG, that's for sure.

Danja3584d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is more of a strategy RPG but it's 1st runner up for best RPG behind Persona 4

Rock Bottom3583d ago

XD haven't played P4 yet, how did I forgot about that.

DragonWarrior465343583d ago

That being said. I love the way all of these games got goty, and all of these other labels that put them on the pedestal and yet games like COD5 aren't even mentioned, but is the most played game on both consoles. COD5 has sold more then gears 2,, is played more then Gears 2 right? Then why did Gears get shooter of the year, and left 4 dead got best multiplayer game of the year? I had both games, yea they were good, but not worth the price tag. How can a game not be worth $65 bucks yet be considered to be the best in the biz? You wanna know why? Its cause reviewers on G4 and many other sites are bias and only judge games for what platform they are on.

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Jinko3584d ago

Yay Fallout 3!

It's great!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3584d ago

Not a big RPG fan but to me Fallout 3 is the best I ever played.

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