Yakuza 3 Japanese Boxart Revealed

Sega reveals the boxart of the third iteration to the popular Yakuza franchise exclusively on PlayStation 3.

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TOO PAWNED3638d ago

Great cover. Man Sony has WKC in end of Dec (btw sold out on Japanese amazon and asia play) than in Feb 09 they have Yakuza 3 and Demon souls. Both perfect for Japanese market.

HardcoreGamer3637d ago

I cant beleive it, i really hope they sub this out quick to the western and eu market because DO YOU REALISE HOW GOOD YAKUZA 2 IS (first one is great) but they subbed the second which made the game perfect for some reason, to me it was a nother mgs4 BUT ON THE PS2 ?!!!!! yeh we only just got yakuza 2 in th UK..

the greatest gift ideas for anyone is god of war 1 and 2 / yakuza 1 and 2(like shenmue but loads more fun ) and these are soo cheap to buy you can buy both series under £25

treat someone to a late xmas and it will be his best ever xmas for games even tho its late ( he will never forget)

Jamegohanssj53638d ago

Looking good here Sony, we can't screw up. I am glad that we are appealing more to the Japanese market in 2009. We didn't do too much this year.


Chris Hansen3638d ago

I hope they release this game in the US sometime during the end of 2009 (or sooner). The Yakuza series is so underrated in the US.

SaiyanFury3637d ago

Both Yakuza 3 and Kenzan! are planned for a US release. Both are undated but they are coming by word of the producer. I can't wait personally.

Gambit073638d ago

I'm guessin' there won't be anybody smoking on the US cover.

Skerj3638d ago

Day one for me, I can't wait until it comes out. I implore you all if you haven't done so to play the first two games if you have even a passing interest in action adventure titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.