GamersInfo Review - Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades

GamerInfo writes: "Guitar Hero is one of my absolute favorite game franchises. From the first time I picked up the original game on PlayStation a few years ago, I was hooked. As the popularity of these games grew, new versions and editions found their way on the market. This lead to the introduction of a handheld version, Guitar Hero On Tour, for Nintendo DS. Then came Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades. I was most intrigued by the concept of a handheld Guitar Hero and wondered how a game that normally has a large guitar controller and full-size screen view would play out on the DS.

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades continues the tradition of the Guitar Hero concept: You are a hopeful rock legend working your way up through various performances to gain fame and fortune, all while unlocking different and more challenging songs. Your rock skills are shown as the proper chords - or keys - are struck during each song. For this version of Guitar Hero, the concept is that you are working gigs through different genres of music, starting in the 2000s, and working back through the decades to the 1970s with each set of decades containing three songs with an encore performance."

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