F1 Championship Edition Game Director Graeme Ankers Talks PS3

As the second wave of Playstation 3 games begins to arrive in stores, one of the titles that Sony expects to show off the power of the PS3 is Studio Liverpool's F1 Championship Edition, and F1 CE has been looking dead sexy for some time now. To get some insights into what makes this title special, Newsweek conducted an e-mail interview with Graeme Ankers, F1 CE's game director.

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D R Fz5705d ago

Sony's arsenal of games is really shaping up and if things continue to progress like this, ps2's 100 million fanbase will be nothing compared to the ps3's. I send my regards to Sony.

DJ5705d ago

of Cell and RSX working in tandem in revolutionary new ways. There's a reason Sony and nVidia posted two sets of specs for the RSX. One for the GPU by itself, and the other with Cell connected to it. Think of it as Unified Task Architecture.

The consensus amongst exclusive PS3 devs is to use Cell like a turbo in your car engine. RSX is great, but can be pushed even further if you do something as simple as letting the SPEs skin those polygons before the RSX touches the data. IBM's benchmarks already show that the SPEs kick ass at vertex operations.

The great thing is that as they become more and more efficient with their SPE coding, that frees up room for even more GPU boosting. Some of them are kind of warry about using too much SPE execution time on graphics when AI and Physics are technically more important, but there's 7 SPEs to choose from so it's not That big of a deal.

CG5705d ago

please tell me where you get your facts from!!! And why are you constantly spreading [email protected] the only people who know what the RSX or Cell can do is sony & Nvidia NOT YOU! YOU KEEP TALKING LIKE YOUR AN EXPERT WHEN ALL YOU ARE IS JUST A LIL SONY BIATCH STOP TALKING [email protected]

Oh and by the way, if you had any sense you would know that the Cell processor in the ps3 is a heavily stripped down version which is not in the same as the retail version. The ps3 cell can only do inorder execution and only has 6 SPU the other is used by the OS. So how the hell can you compare it to the cell processors with 8 spu dumbass.

DJ5704d ago

They have 7 SPEs to work off of. Not 6. Not 5. They have the entire set that was announced at E3 2005. I know you probably believe the internet rumors more than information from developers themselves, but that's your problem. If you read the interview, they actually use a PS3 launch title as an example of how all 7 SPEs were used. The seventh one was dedicated to audio processing. ^_~

You say "Original Cell" as if Sony, IBM, and Toshiba made an entirely different chip for the PS3. They didn't. They simply asked devs to ignore the 8th SPE for manufacturing redundancy (i.e. higher yield rates). The Operating System only takes up 5% of one SPE, so developers actually get a pretty sweet deal.

Antan5705d ago

I hate to be the bringer of bad news now, but in the march edition of Edge magazine, this game recived very high praise for its gfx but more importantly got slammed where it counts, in the gameplay dept! They said the handling is way too twitchy. Overall score was a 4 out of 10. Disappointing for me as i`d had this down as a potential winner. Though i guess i could try myself to see if i like the twitchy nature.

HungPHAT5705d ago (Edited 5705d ago )

I'll Wait to see reviews from IGN AND Other websites. what I'm wondering is , will there be in game voice chat ? if not oh well motorstorm will, i plenty of preorders for my 360 and PS3 to look foward to between now and march

MaximusPrime5705d ago

who wants in-voice chat? i dont. This will ruin my concentration.

greenlynxx5705d ago

Are you an idiot? Does that mean the real F1 drivers who are constantly in communication via radio (voice chat) with their pit crews will suffer because of lack of consentration?

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