Google Stadia Shuts Down But Developers Weren't Given Warning

Google announced Stadia is shutting down despite receiving a new UI update and having games on its release calendar. While that won’t surprise gaming enthusiasts, it did shock developers that had games slated to launch on the platform.

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SullysCigar58d ago

This was doomed from day one. Not least because it's Google. Their track record is terrible with new ventures.

Disgusting way to treat hard-working people too.

blackbeld58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Yeah, really unbelievable. At least let them know 3 months warning before announcing the shutdown.

S2Killinit58d ago

Dont need another streaming walled garden. No thanks.

Retroman57d ago

Ouya and Dreamcast said : welcome to console Shadow Realm where Consoles comes to die.

purple10157d ago

Dreamcast was too good, for its own good. The memory card, at the time was being sold for £19.99 in the UK..when Sony's ps2 memory card was also the same price but Dreamcast had a small second screen, & could be used independently as a tamagochi which were big at the time.

Also had soul calibur . Which is my all-time favourite game. And not many people say that about beam-em' ups

Yui_Suzumiya57d ago

Like purple said, Dreamcast was just ahead of it's time. If it came out now then I think things would've turned out completely different.

mkis00758d ago

Aren't stadia games just pc games via cloud? Is it really that big of a deal to the devs? I admit my ignorance about stadia.

Vits58d ago

That would be Amazon Luna.

Stadia runs on a custom version of Linux, so the games are more or less developed for it exclusively. The closest application that those builds have now is to be ported to traditional Linux distros, however, there is a minimal monetary incentive for that as Proton is already taking the market on that side reducing the need for native versions.

mkis00757d ago

That seems stupid to do for no reason. What were the benefits of this custom linux ?

Vits57d ago

Well, basically it would give them a console-esque tool set. Games could be better optimized to be streamed and even use exclusive features that a console or PC would not have access to. The classic example is on-demand processing power scalability.

However, to my knowledge, no game actually took advantage of that tool set. Especially because Google closed their first party studio very early into Stadia's life.

M3talDiamond58d ago

I just noticed that the Stadia youtube channel have removed all of their videos

58d ago
HeliosHex57d ago

Stadia should focus on retro games.

Profchaos57d ago

Why? realistically retro games can run on minimal hardware. My phone can play PS3 games at full frame rates these days and can store enough iso files to keep me happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.