All Guns Blazing: A deep dive into the production of Criterion’s Black, and its cancelled sequel

thatHITBOX: We reveal behind the scenes info on the production of Criterion's Black, including plans for its cancelled sequel.

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XiNatsuDragnel60d ago

Black 2 needs to come out fr. Battlefield needs a break my dude.

RaidenBlack60d ago

a solid guns blazing casual single player experience

JTGA59d ago

Hundred percent. Criterion deserve another shot at this.

moriarty188959d ago

Would love to see a Black 2. This game was incredible when it came out. Played it a lot and enjoyed it immensely.

Relientk7759d ago

Black is an awesome shooter. It sucks we never got a sequel.

fan_of_gaming59d ago

Great article, really insightful into the development process.

JTGA59d ago

Dude, thank you so much for this. Really appreciate the positivity!

banger8859d ago

Bodycount was sort of a spiritual successor to Black, but nowhere near as good. I liked Black, but it was hard. I never managed to beat it.

JTGA59d ago

Yeah I agree. Bodycount being deemed a "spiritual successor" always felt like an attempt to capitalise on the goodwill towards Black.

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