Skyrim Anniversary Edition for Switch is out today for $70 or a $20 upgrade

Nintendo of America has announced that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available today but the bad news is it will cost you $70 for the privilege of owning it. If you own the original Skyrim on Nintendo Switch you can upgrade for $20.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch obviously doesn’t feature 4K and HDR and the increased visual fidelity like the PlayStation and Xbox versions, which launched a while back. However, it does contain all the downloadable content, new content and the mods from the official Creation Club.

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Orchard67d ago

Why is this $70? It's $50 on every other platform. Hopefully a pricing mistake.

CrimsonWing6966d ago

Nintendo wants a piece of that next-gen game cost pie. According to many they’d just respond with, “So what!? It’s only $20 more,” but that does beg the question when we can actually call them out on prices since technically every incremental price raise would be $10 or $20 more, right?

Orchard66d ago

Yeah... it's also weird that the PS5 version is $50 and this is $70, because sure the Switch version is portable and you could say that is a value add, but it's also going to be the worst place to play Skyrim in terms of visuals and performance.

CrimsonWing6966d ago


You know it’s interesting you bring that up. I’m curious if this is a sign that all games will be priced at $70. I know COD: MW2 is $70 on last-gen.

Ugh, I hope this isn’t the case.

Orchard66d ago

@Crimson Hopefully not. I always consider Activision (and especially COD) as outsiders because they know they can basically do crazy things with COD and people will still buy it.

But this is even worse tbh, at least COD MW2 is a 'new' (used loosely) game. Skyrim is ancient, and there's nothing in the Switch version that justifies it being $20 more than PS5.

Sgt_Slaughter66d ago

You worded that as if Nintendo had any say in what Microsoft/Bethesda priced their game at

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Gamingsince198166d ago

If you can't afford $70 you might aswell get out of gaming or start gaming on pc and get free games from torrent sites because this will be the norm.

Orchard66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Being able to afford $70 and thinking $70 is an appropriate, consumer friendly price point (especially for such an old game) are two entirely separate things.

Also, there are plenty of people who ARE gaming on a budget. Corporate greed shouldn't price people out of their favorite entertainment medium.


Who the hell is actually going to buy this is my question…

VersusDMC66d ago

While i would take normally take the chance to highlight Nintendos habit of overcharging...but this is a Bethesda/Microsoft decision. Game of the year editions usually come out at 60 and the og version is reduced by then. But i guess since most games are 60 indefinitely on switch they are trying this out.

I wonder how this play out...

Chevalier66d ago

Weird pretty sure everyone keeps saying Microsoft is so consumer friendly?! Can't believe a game this old is being priced like this.

shinoff218366d ago

MS is not consumer friendly they be doing some f ery behind the scenes.

badz14966d ago

LOL are they actually serious?

Kosic66d ago

Is there any milk left in the cow?

Chevalier64d ago

Well if there were milk left they would definitely find a way to make sure you have to pay for it. Even if the milk is near expired. Lol.

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