PlayStation is giving top Stars members ‘priority’ in customer support

From VGC: "Players in Japan have been expressing their displeasure at one aspect of the newly-launched PlayStation Stars loyalty program, which offers better customer support to players on the highest tier.

PlayStation Stars, which is coming to the west later in October, lets players earn rewards by completing a variety of campaigns and activities.

The program also has a four-tier level system, in which all players start at Level 1 and can work their way up to Level 4 by buying games and earning trophies."

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Silly gameAr60d ago

I wonder if those people complained when PS Stars was called Sony Rewards, because it's pretty much the same thing. If sites wrote an article every time some randoms on Twitter started moaning, this site would be full of articles like this, but these sites know what get the hits, so whenever Sony get's a random complaint on Twitter it's front page news and the usual suspects start getting their pitchforks and torches ready.

shinoff218360d ago

YOur spot on.

all the time with sony these days.

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Neonridr60d ago

I've never seen a company give priority to people who spend money for them. My cable, cell phone, gas, electric companies make me wait on the phone regardless of how long I've been with them.

If this is in fact true, then I can't see how this type of system would be applauded or considered acceptable.

TiredGamer60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

You've never seen hotel, airline, or store rewards programs before? This is done all the time. If you're a valuable customer that has done a lot of business with a company, it makes sense for them to give some level of priority to ensure that you continue to be that strong customer. Nothing new.

Neonridr60d ago

I am very familiar with the marriott rewards system. But when I call to book, I still have to wait in line regardless if I'm a gold or titanium elite member. Sure there are some extra benefits that you can take advantage of at higher tiers, but this is regarding phoning in for support, no?

TiredGamer60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

My Best Buy Rewards tier gives me a special concierge customer service line. My credit card gives me a priority number to call. My American Airlines Gold status gives me priority access to the first-class check-in line and customer service. So yes... priority access for being a loyal customer that they want/need to keep.

Nobody is denying you customer service, but companies have an incentive to service their best customers first.

Christopher60d ago

It's not in every industry, but it is definitely in a good number of industries. Having said that, I don't like it. It's just usually people who already have life easier due to having more money having an even easier time. This is just rewarding people with more time to play games with more time to play video games versus those who don't have time might have to spend more time getting service.

MetalProxy60d ago

My insurance company puts me in front of the line when I call them about whatever I need. It’s because I’ve been with them for a long time. I’m a platinum member or something along those lines.

Vengeance113860d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Mobile dev studios do it all the time, if they get a customer support ticket from a very high paying user, they make sure the problem is corrected very quickly so that the high paying user is pleased and will continue spending money.

Neonridr60d ago

interesting, I wish my cell phone company would do that. I've been with them over 20 years, lol.

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LostinthePANIC60d ago

A vast majority of US insurance companies have a program like this after you are with them for so long.

shaenoide60d ago

I like my fidely being rewarded

tay870160d ago

guess you have never stepped a foot into a casino.

derek59d ago

@Neonridr, not a valid comparable, and you know it. Keep crying about playstation.

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Angyobangyo59d ago

Or ponies don’t like it when anything negative is said about their favorite corporation.

derek59d ago

@Angyobango, nah us playstation customers are just sick of hearing the whiny complaints from frustrated xbox fanatics like yourself about a console you have no interest in in the first place. It's kinda nuts how xbox fanatics obsess about playstation. If xbox fanatics would be a little more critical about Microsoft maybe the xbox division wouldn't be such trash.

gangsta_red59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

So don't report any bad news when it involves your company of choice, is this what you're saying? I like how any news about sony you're quick to call out bad journalism, "usual suspects" or media is bias. Is this applied to all companies or just Sony?

This is a bad look, no matter what other company does this. Considering how bad Sony's PS customer support was in the first place it's funny to now see Sony give special treatment based on how much more a player spends on their products.

One thing to cater to whales another to not give the same type of support when a customer has an issue with your products.

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XxSPIDEYxX60d ago

I guess it's safe to assume if you're a high tier, you're eligible to be first in line for future Sony devices. PSVR2, PS6, etc.

ABizzel160d ago

They did that with the PS5. People with old PSN accounts (launch PS3 era) got their invite directly from Sony before the masses.

walken760d ago

Yep, that's how I scored my ps5.

Yppupdam60d ago

That is how I got mine as well. matter fact, they sent me another invite a few months later!

DeusFever60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I didn’t have a PSN account during the PS3 era and I still got an invite to buy a PS5 at launch and another one a few months later (So my house has 20. But i did sign up for Sony Rewards.

Angyobangyo59d ago

You get put on a waiting list. The sooner you reply the shorter the wait was to obtain a PS5 directly from Sony. It’s nothing to do with having an account since the ps3 era.

ABizzel159d ago


No, those with old PSN accounts got the invite regardless. My little brother's PSN account received an invite when he hasn't used that PSN account in forever since it was our mom's email tied to his PSN back then, and she definitely didn't go to PS to pre-order.

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z2g60d ago

so your money alone is not good enough - you have to show loyalty too. This gen is not Sony's finest hour so far.

Gridknac60d ago

Sony could shit in a bag and send it to its most "loyal" customers and there would be a line around the globe defending it. People these companies are supposed to earn your loyalty through its support, not the other way around. Just because you spend more money with Sony than I do, doesn't mean Im a 2nd class customer. If you spend $500 or $5000, Sony should value you the same when it comes to support. This is disrespectful to its customers.

Pocahontas60d ago

That’s exactly what it means. Why should they?

HardKnockKid2460d ago

This. And what does this say to the people that genuinely can’t afford to pick up every Sony release on day one? But just wait, the serial defenders are coming….

Knushwood Butt60d ago

And in the real world, regular customers often get better treatment, like yesterday when I went to a tailor I use, I know the guy now and he let me use a sizable discount offer that had already expired a few days ago. Do you expect some random Joe that just walked in off the street would get the same treatment?

HardKnockKid2460d ago

@knushwood I’ll tell you… often times businesses offer that “better treatment” to just about anyone that walks through the door. It’s how they earn new regular customers in a world chock full of choices

Witchcraft59d ago

I love how delusional people can be to compare a corporation to a friendly local tailor, baker or their mum. Sure, this is EXACTLY the relationship you have with Sony Corporation - they know you, they love you, so it's perfectly natural that they go an extra mile for you. To them this is entirely personal, you're just so very special to Sony Corporation, they will give you proper customer service, unlike all those 'clients' that don't share your unbreakable bond.

Damn it's creepy that some people think like that...

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LostinthePANIC60d ago

I can say this is nothing new for companies to do. I work for an insurance company and if you've been with us for 10 years you get VIP status. It's basically like a Disney "FastPass" line for callers to make them feel more appreciated for their loyalty. It cost the company nothing and it makes loyal customers feel special. I believe Samsung did this at one point as well for customers who bought more of their products.

I wont argue if this is right or wrong because there are 2 sides to every argument, but in the grand scheme of things, I really don't think it is that big of deal. I generally get in contact with support in a reasonable time, unless there is something unique that has everyone trying to contact them at once.

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