The Top 10 Best Games Of 2008, According To Metacritic

People like to rag on Metacritic, and sometimes rightly so, but it does provide an interesting perspective on what critics are saying about video games.

With "Prince of Persia" now on shelves, all of 2008's major releases have been reviewed.

So, what game came out on top?

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thebudgetgamer3585d ago

4 out the top 5 are on the ps3


CViper3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

buh buh buh....buh..buh..buh...

Sales > Gameplay quality! (lol) GTA4 spoils the whole list though. Such a bs score for such a meh game.

Agent VX3585d ago

And guess what, even with the top games on the PS3, it still is selling the worst.

I guess quality games can't even save the PS3 from last place. Who would of thunk!!!

poindat3585d ago

As a consumer (i.e. me) it doesn't matter if the system is in 'last place.' In fact, what is your definition of last place? It's objective. It might be last place in sales, but is it last place in terms of games? Quality?

And I honestly don't care if its in 'last place' as long as quality titles keep rolling out. Why concern yourself with things so petty (to a consumer) as sales when the real concern is the quality of games. And the Playstation 3 certainly is not in 'last place' there.

DiabloRising3585d ago

Silly VX. So petty per usual.

And I really do not understand the uber scores for GTA4, to this day.

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Covenant3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )


Edit: Ah, there it is. Missed it.

Would have been an epic failure if it hadn't been there.

Thanks, Nate. Watch out for those thieves.

Nathan Drake3585d ago

It's there,it's right below Super Smash Bros. Brawl

pansenbaer3585d ago

I'm confused. Gears of War 2 is sitting at a 93 but it's not on that list. Yet RockBand 2 at 92 is on the list?

Nathan Drake3585d ago

"5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (93 — Wii) and Gears of War 2 (93 — 360)"

It's there

Aclay3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Gears of War 2 is on the list, it's right beside Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Games that got tying scores are listed beside one another, like God of War Chains of Olympus and World of War Craft King of Lynch both being number 10 because they both averaged 91%

crck3585d ago

Its tied with Smash Bros and listed behind it.

thekingofMA3585d ago

look at spot 5. there's two games at that spot. apparently, metacritic has a strange ranking system where ties can make a top 10 list into a top 15 list...

pansenbaer3585d ago

Ah. I missed all the ones that tied. My bad...

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DiabloRising3585d ago

Can someone tell me... why the hell RB2 for PS3 and 360 have differing scores?

pansenbaer3585d ago

Only 14 sites have reviewed the PS3 version. 62 have reviewed the 360 version.

Halochampian3585d ago

maybe a PS3 site or magazine didnt like it as much as a Xbox one.

tatotiburon3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

GTAIV rulez!!, i'm glad i have the superior xbox 360 version, can't wait for exclusive DLC.

Merry Christmas to all the droids!!!, it was a painful year for you (HOME, Haze, Resistance 2, SOCOM, LBP sales, hardware sales, every software sales) so i wish a good 2009!!, HAPPY HOLIDAYS DROIDS!!

ViceKingz3585d ago

yet 3 of the top 4 are ps3 games, and gta4 doesnt deserve the score it got. metacritic isnt about sales, its about quality, so shut your f*ckin mouth. oh and merry christmas to you too b*tch, hopefully your 360 is providing enough heat for you over the holidays.

pansenbaer3585d ago

What is with people that says "sells"! That has to be one of the most annoying things about people on this site. Its "SALES.....SALES!!!"

tatotiburon3585d ago

3 of the top 4?? hahah you forgot that Bioshock it's also on xbox 360 with better score??, the PS3 version can't match the quality of the xbox 360 version of Bioshock (outscored LBP and MGS4), another crappy port.

N4360G3585d ago

LOL the top games on Metacritic this year can be found on Playstation consoles.You fail.

tatotiburon3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

yes enjoy the crappy ports without exclusive DLC, epic fail LMAO!

EDIT: LOL biosochk port of PS3 was full of bugs and lost every VS with bioshock for xbox 360, according to various sites, even 2K admid it

ViceKingz3585d ago

ha spin it all you want, its safe to say that the ps3 exclusives outscored the 360 exclusives. year of the ps3, one of many in a row to come.

mrdxpr23585d ago

his stupid this kid has to atleast be 12 cause saying GTA4 rules really... he just likes the games cause it has more violenece then he has ever witnesed .... go back to play your GTA4 i dont know how bioshock is i played the 360 demo and i really wasnt impresed then played the ps3 still not so for me the game isnt all that now LBP pwnz the whole 360 library in every way and MSG4 well that just pwnz MS it self... and this kid is just retarded

pansenbaer3585d ago

The only reason Bioshock has a better score is because 39 more sites reviewed it for 360. Its safe to say if those sites wanted to review it for PS3 it would have scored higher.

souljah3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

oh , u all bouncy and sh|t ah ? but where`s your f{_}ckin gears of war ? if it wasn`t for the gtaIV , the xbox was 6 feet under. go on now , turn ur xbox on , cause it`s phackin freezin , and stop talkin garbage. merry christmas

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