PlayStation Stars launches in Asia today, with additional markets coming soon

What an exciting moment for PlayStation! Today marks the first regional launch of our new loyalty program – PlayStation Stars. Sony is pleased to usher in this new initiative for our PlayStation community, launching first in Asia, which celebrates our players’ achievements with fun and delightful campaigns and the ability to earn rewards such as points and digital collectibles.

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darthv72132d ago

should be cool to earn rewards for just playing games and completing quests.

blackblades132d ago

Not the 1st time we had it. Also back in the day ps2/ps3 we got physical rewards. I got certificate and a ps shirt

Silly gameAr132d ago

I got a PS shirt too. That was years ago, so not sure what I did with it.

thorstein132d ago

I still have my shirt. I have kept good care of it.

Father__Merrin132d ago

It's a great name playstation stars. I'd imagine it will be like Xbox rewards in a way simple daily meta quests