Days Gone 2: We Really Wish There Was A Sequel

If you’re a PlayStation fan, you’ve probably heard about Days Gone. And if you’ve played the open-world survival game, you’re probably wondering why there hasn’t been a Days Gone 2 yet. Well, you’re not alone. A petition for a sequel launched in 2021 now has close to 180,000 signatures. Sadly, Sony still hasn’t greenlit Days Gone 2.

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Knightofelemia61d ago

I would love a sequel to Days Gone it's one of my favorite titles Sam Witwer is a good actor.

darthv7261d ago

He played a good starkiller in force unleashed.

Crows9061d ago

Just as great in days gone.

BABY-JEDI61d ago

I personally had no issue with Day’s Gone. It was an excellent game with excellent game loops. It’s environmental setting was great to. Motorbike mechanics brilliant. Always challenging & authentic to its setting.
I expect the TV series will be better than TLOU series

ClayRules201261d ago

Yeah, those motorbike mechanics in general felt so darn good. Bend really nailed that to the T! I hated running outta gas or damaging my bike, but it was a nice mechanic and welcome challenge, having to be mindful and careful of what I was doing haha.

Aloymetal61d ago

Easy platinum as well. Loved every minute of it.

KeeseToast61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

IMO the game suffered severely from being open-world and exploration wasn't rewarded at all. Days Gone would be a 10/10 for me as a linear semi-open game kinda like TLOU2, Metro Exodus or Gears 5.
For example, I went into one of the towns and there was a building you could only enter via shooting a fire escape ladder. When I entered the building there was nothing inside because I was supposed to get some item here during a mission later on.
Second example is the huge horde in the sawmill. When you kill the horde before the story mission than the climax of the actual mission is pretty boring.

I really hope the open-world craze of the ps4/one era finally comes to an end this gen

monkey60261d ago

I'd buy a sequel. I loved the first one and thought it was unjustly criticised

Crows9061d ago (Edited 61d ago )

The media ganged up on some superficial issues that they had.

andy8561d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I loved Days Gone. Issue is it was a little rough on release. But so was Witcher 3 (not comparing the two btw) it's a real shame there won't be a second. Loved the hordes

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The story is too old to be commented.