Like a Dragon 8 Should Bring Back Takayuki Yagami

Game Rant Writes "With the upcoming Like a Dragon 8 likely bringing back an array of fan-favorite characters, Judgement's Takayuki Yagami should absolutely feature."

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Like a Dragon 8 Will Star YouTuber & Vtuber Kson, Winner of the Audition's Grand Prix

Today, during a livestream from Tokyo, Sega announced the winner of the Grand Prix of the audition for a role in the upcoming game Like a Dragon 8.

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CrimsonWing69271d ago

I absolutely cannot wait for this. One of my all-time favorite series!

masterfox271d ago

trying to avoid any youtubers / influencers ignorance and hipocrisy annoyance in my youtube feed and now is in our games , hmmm f#%%ing great! :/

Abriael271d ago

Yeah, she must totally be a bad person because she's a youtuber right?

What a shallow take.

masterfox271d ago

and who said is a bad person?, I just dont like the hipocrisy and ignorance coming from them, and try to avoid them. And thats a right I have to like or dislike, same as you simple as that.

Abriael271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

You haven't read a word of the article have you? Who told you she's a hypocrite or ignorant?

She's a massive fan of the franchise and she has been for 7 years of her activity. She likely knows more about it than you do. Hell, when she worked for Hololive her stage name was Kiryu Coco.

Again, a horribly shallow take. You certainly have the right to like or dislike whoever you like, but when you do without knowing a single thing about them, the problem is on your side, not theirs.

gold_drake270d ago

usually id agree, but japanese "youtubers" are different.

good on her for winning tho

AgitUzumaki271d ago

The one with red dress is a pornstar. Ai Sayama, she’s a pretty good.

Amplitude271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Ive played all the Yakuza games but in a super wack order and with over a decade of time spent between it all. Playing through them all again now in order to get the full plot and just finished 0. Hopefully 8 is out by the time I finish this. Best series honestly


Like a Dragon Gaiden Cabaret Club Hostess Audition Finalists Appear in New Video

Sega released a new video showcasing four actresses that reached the final stage of the audition for Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man who Erased his Name and Like a Dragon 8 as they play Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Knushwood Butt333d ago

Hostess club management in Yakuza 0 was surprisingly addictive.
Come on though Sega, get with the times, no host club management? Plenty of opportunities there.


Like a Dragon 8 Voice-Over Recording for the Return of Kazuma Kiryu Revealed in New Video

Today Sega released the second episode of its series of featurettes about the work of the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio on Like a Dragon 8 and Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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