Inside Dead Space™ #1: Remaking a Classic

Motive defines what they believe is key to this remake, and their approach to bringing back such a beloved and iconic game.

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Chriswheeler2266d ago

Reading this really increases my hype. It feels like they know they can't fuck around with this remake it had to be faithful to the og and I think they wil nail it.

CaptainHenry91666d ago

The only game that I'm interested in from EA

ClayRules201266d ago

A great read!

I have faith this team will deliver something simply great and true to the original, that fans, old, and new will really love the experience they’ve faithfully crafted, with the much appreciated enhancements😊

Aloymetal66d ago

Can't wait for this and Protocol. Day 1 both.

HeliosHex66d ago

Iam mostly interested in the story. Looking forward to how they bridge some gaps and flesh out the lore.