HCG Review: Hotel Dusk Room 215

HCG writes: "By my husband's recommendation, I bought and played Hotel Dusk Room 215 for the Nintendo DS. Now, I'm not a huge gamer and don't claim to be by any means. But I do enjoy getting into a nice plot and reading a good mystery. And that's why I ultimately enjoyed playing this game.

In Hotel Dusk, you play as Kyle Hyde, a down-and-out ex-detective turned salesman. His boss asks him to go and check into this old hotel for a job he's hired to do. But alongside that, Hyde is also searching for his ex-partner, Brian Bradley, who disappeared three years prior. Bradley is assumed dead, but Hyde believes that he's alive and on the run somewhere. He hopes to locate him so that the mystery surrounding his disappearance can finally be solved. At first glance, Hyde checking into this hotel and the events that will take place are not connected. But as you go through the game, Hyde begins to think that there are too many coincidences for there not be connections to his missing partner and the strange hotel occurrences. In the game, you must talk with different characters, asking them questions and finding out answers, solve different puzzles, look for clues, and put together evidence to solve the case at Hotel Dusk. Solving the case in the hotel helps Hyde solve the mystery involving his partner from 3 years ago."

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