Are graphics cards and other gaming PC components becoming too expensive?

NVIDIA says that the days of performance doubling and prices coming down are over. Are we reaching a point of no return in the computer components market? Will prices ever come down?

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ABizzel171d ago

YES. Just over 2 years ago $300 - $400 could easily get you a solid mid-range gaming PC on the used market, and with some serious looking around you can net similar performance for a $500 new PC.

As of now, a new PC's GPU budget alone can eat up $300 - $500, and you're lucky if that's truly mid-range as time goes on. The flagship cards like the Titan and 90 series GPUs have always been overpriced and very niche, but the cost of GPUs, in particular, have jumped SIGNIFICANTLY across the board. There is no low-end anymore, only used GPUs (and maybe Intel and to a slim extent AMD). There used to be $100 - $200 GPUs that offered great performance AT LAUNCH. It took AMD 2 years, and a separate company to turn the RX 6600m laptop GPU into a barely sub $200 GPU on Aliexpress. The lower-tier GPUs from AMD and Intel are below RX 570s and 580s.

CPUs are slowly going up, and thanks to the platform migration to DDR5 and newer motherboards PC, new PC build are among the highest they've been in a long time. Thankfully the used market is settling back down to reasonable prices again, so you can make some great PCs using eBay and maybe Marketplace.

Nitrowolf271d ago

They saw what people were paying during the pandemic and just made it the standard. Can’t wait for these cards to be marked up double to triple of their MSRP now and they raise it again

ABizzel171d ago

I don't think that's going to work for NVIDIA, in the long run, this time. NVIDIA had a perfect storm last time. Extremely high silicon demands with low inventory yet high consumer demands. Miners buying GPUs at any price. And Gamers who sold their GPUs in anticipation of the RTX 3000, but didn't expect inflation and were stuck paying high prices for a RTX 3000 or buying their used GPUs at prices much higher than what they originally sold theirs for.

A large percentage of miners are gone, and most PC gamers aren't going to be duped twice. There will always be the enthusiast, but the largest group of buyers are the 70 and 60 series who are used to $200 - $400 prices, and the leap in performance is entirely based on DLSS support whether DLSS 2.0 or 3.0, otherwise, Raster is around 60%.

NoFanBoy70d ago

Let then charge whatever they want and left them stay on the shelves (AMD too if they get greedy) I'm not paying £$1000+ for what should be a midrange card.

BehindTheRows71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Regarding TITANs/90 series - nah. $1000-$1200 used to be the most one would pay in the 2010s and the cards were well worth it (I’m a 90/TITAN buyer all the way up to the 3090 Ti). Outside of TITANS V, Z, and RTX (which were never meant as consumer cards anyway), those cards never saw the ridiculous prices we have now (even considering inflation). THESE days, they’re overpriced.

anubusgold71d ago

The prices are crashing now with Etherium switching from graphics card mining. I have the most power graphics card i have ever had now.

Tapani71d ago

Me too, but that's because I paid a ridiculous price for it during the shortage. Got some good gaming out of it, though, and it will last quite long, so less hassle with selling the old one and buying a new one etc.

anubusgold65d ago

I got a 3080 ti for 734 its not the lowest cost i could get it but when the scalpers steal all the 4000 cards the price of the other cards will go back up.

Mobis-New-Nest71d ago

Most of the graphics card I buy "Fell of a truck" and with inflation I'm paying way to much for them as it is from I guy I buy it from. So yeah graphics cards have become way too expensive. There needs to be laws passed that can force these graphics card companies to either sell them very cheap or be put out of business by the government.

slate9171d ago

Off topic but why so quick to give govt that much power?

NoFanBoy70d ago

Yeah that kind of price or got you a GTX 670/970/1070 bang for buck cards and you were set for a few years but greed has taken over.

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Sgt_Slaughter71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

The answer is obvious when a GPU costs as much as a used 1990's Ford Ranger

Dwarrior71d ago

PC gaming becoming a boutique hobby. Prices going up across the board for all things.

Well, my neighborhood isn't being bombed by Russia. So I guess things are alright.

anubusgold71d ago

I know guys at work that paid 1500 dollars for a ps 5 the last few years on ebay thats a whole pc they could have bought.

MadLad71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

2k after they pay to be able to play their games online that generation lol.


MadLad71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

The 4x series cards prices are atrocious.

AMD for me going forward until Nvidia stop being jackasses.

My first PC built was truly high end, and the entire thing only cost me about 1200 ten years ago. Now they want that just for the card.

anubusgold67d ago

Amd Needs to match the ray tracing performance they are way behind im stuck with a 3080Ti until amd catches up.

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