WILD HEARTS From EA And Koei Tecmo

Prepare for an epic adventure set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan.

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CrimsonWing6962d ago

Monster Hunter not Monster Hunter?

Ethereal62d ago

Haha. Had the same thought.

Silly gameAr62d ago

Koei Tecmo has been super busy lately, and every game they've been attached to look like they have the potential to be awesome.

CrimsonWing6961d ago

I think this one is more indie than AA or AAA. Lord knows I like me some Monster Hunter, but expectations might need to be tempered for this one. Im interested still.

VersusDMC61d ago

The game looks triple A man! What are you smoking? Don't let the EA hate cloud your judgement...

CrimsonWing6961d ago


Yea, I mean the trailer looked decent, but it is not AAA or even AA quality. Also, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with EA Originals, but… well, here, I’ll let you see for yourself:

I don’t have the EA hate cloud. I loved Fallen Order, Dead Space, and uh… the other good EA games.

I won’t deny the trailer doesn’t look intriguing, but It’s an indie game and there’s caveats that come with that.

Silly gameAr61d ago

Well, I didn't really say that I thought it was AA or AAA. I just said that it looks like it has potential. I think the way they combined different game mechanics together makes it look like it might be a stand out game for early next year.

blackblades61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Stupidest thing I read today, indie lol

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61d ago
VersusDMC61d ago force leveled up with this one. Haven't been graphically impressed with a game of theirs in awhile. Glad they are taking a break from making Dynasty warriors clones.

Monster Hunter World 2 has visual standard to beat now. And competition.

blackblades61d ago

Taking a break I doubt it, it's called multitasking

phoenixwing61d ago

Well I'll probably buy it because I need monster hunter without the riding monsters gimmick

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