23 years ago, Sega’s biggest flop changed video games forever

23 years later — the legacy of the short-lived Dreamcast is hard to overstate. It brought online play to the masses years before teens were screaming at each other on Halo when Xbox Live launched in 2002. It had a library of classics that are still considered some of the best games ever made. It’s a reminder that sometimes the best platforms don’t get the recognition they deserve — until they’re already gone.

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lonewolf1062d ago

Great system, loved my DC especially Quake 3, quite a few other great titles were released on it.

Wafflehead162d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Worms Armageddon was a big step down though. No online play which was present starting with Worms 2 on PC, and the controls were not good compared to keyboard and mouse, very slow CPU turn time in single player compared to PC too.

But there were plenty of good games on DC, i liked the system. I just didn't like playing games like FPS and strategy on a controller, not good compared to keyboard and mouse.

lonewolf1062d ago

There was a mouse and keyboard for the Dreamcast.

shinoff218362d ago (Edited 62d ago )

weird I play strategy games all the time and it seems to work perfectly fine. Kinda sucks with that stereo type sh cause I feel it kept alot of strategy games off consoles for alot of years. Its changing now though so thats good.

darthv7262d ago

DC was their best system in terms of bang for the buck. Near arcade perfect releases and a slew of original titles. And just recently it was found it could play atomiswave games via gdemu, so naturally I installed one in a spare machine. They are awesome. I love the fact it is still getting new releases like other bygone platforms. The homebrew scene is keeping the 'dream' alive.

walken762d ago

Hell, Soul Caliber looked better on DC than the arcade even. Awesome system. (loud-ass disc drive though!)

darthv7262d ago

^^agreed about Soul Calibur. As for the loud drive... I no longer have that issue with the gdemu.

lonewolf1062d ago

It certainly was a great machine for its time, shame the Saturn tarnished everything.

darthv7262d ago

@lonewolf, Sega's rep was tarnished more by the sega cd and 32x and less by the saturn. Especially in JP the saturn was a beast of a machine. Very popular with the fighting and shmup crowd. The leadership in the west wasnt as interested in those games and sony picked up every chance to capitalize on those titles where they could. Things looked promising for the DC though. They made some good moves to try and cater to those fans again. Sadly though, sony pull was just too great as many would rather have waited for a PS2 than buy into a DC. A very similar trend later in life.

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Knightofelemia62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Since Sega is doing mini consoles would love it if they did a Saturn mini, a DC mini, and an SMS mini. I love all my Sega machines my first system as a kid was an SMS I still have it. I have my launch DC and loved seeing Sonic move like that I was holy f*ck back then. I even still have my first Saturn I saved my money up as a kid just to buy one then I moved to PS1. I bought a broken Saturn and DC and installed the SD mod figure save those machines from being parted out or being tossed out. I just wish Sega would quit milking the Genesis yes its a good system that did well but Sega has other machines that are untapped. Again I would love a Saturn mini, SMS mini and a DC mini and not made by AT Games who just makes shit.

jznrpg62d ago

I definitely want a Saturn mini and DC mini but they have to have all of the RPGs !

darkrider62d ago

The dreamcast was such an amazing console. So much better then the saturn. Their first party games ruled, but...

I can't imagined how many amazing games we would have if Sega was still in the race. Making consoles and new ip!

FinalFantasyFanatic62d ago

I only ever saw a Dreamcast once in my life, it was the only one I saw in Australia (my friend down the street had one when we were kids).

I feel like a combination of Sega's bad decisions and the PS2/Gamecube's success pretty much sealed it's fate.

HeliosHex62d ago

Dreamcast was ahead of its time. From the vmu, to the internet and os. It's still hard to comprehend how it flopped but it did and it's sad. I remember being amazed by soulcalibur and ivys butt jiggle.

lonewolf1062d ago

Also had keyboard and mouse support too.

HeliosHex61d ago

@lonewolf10 oh that's right! Totally forgot about that.

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