Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Beta Largest in Call of Duty History

The Warzone mobile game also has 15 million pre-registrations on Google Play excluding China.

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SinisterMister60d ago

Is that going to change the fact that this COD will actually turn out good? Just maybe.

Crazyglues60d ago

And Meanwhile Battlefield can't find players to give their game away too.... LoL :)

monkey60260d ago

I wouldnt care if it did. The genre needs a refresh and if the potential of the largest user base being left untapped doesn't get another studio in gear I don't know what ever would.
Both CoD and Battlefield were once favourites of mine but both have truely overstayed their welcome.

gamer959d ago

I think they have a few more years agreement in place, maybe 2026? That'd be a huge blow to playstation to lose their #1 selling game, and a platform that doesn't know how to make a good multiplayer FPS, let alone any good multiplayer game. I can't think of one. Guess PS5 will become the single player campaign box.

gamer959d ago

Beta was great. And it ran better than BF2042 1 year in. Looking forward to more info on DMZ-tarkov-light