GTA Needs A Game Set In Its Homeland – Europe

GTA has always taken place in the USA so making one that takes place in Europe seems like the next step in the series' evolution.

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SinisterMister173d ago

But wait, I'm not ready to say goodbye to Murica yet!

chicken_in_the_corn173d ago

Neither am I. I want to see San Fierro and Las Ventura's in the HD universe.

Orchard173d ago

I'd love another GTA London. I said it recently on here in another post, but the London setting of The Getaway series was awesome. Especially with all the real cars, stores, roads, etc.

EvertonFC173d ago

Yeah I think London mixed with some Dutch crime lords set in Amsterdam would be ace add to that some scouser gangs, Chinese mafia etc.

Orchard173d ago

I had to Google what a Scouser is - but I agree. If anything, the whole US thing has been overdone. I'm up for one last visit to Vice City but then they should look at a more interesting place.

I may need to go back and play The Getaway again now - the aiming/shooting mechanics feel a bit dated nowadays, but it's still a solid experience - and great story.

SugarSoSweet173d ago

Ain't nothing gangster about Dutch people LOL they just run a bunch of prostitutes but yah London is fine though.....

Profchaos173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I disagree and dan Houser was always clear on this point it's satire based on American culture.

We got London 1969 as DLC when the team were finding their feet there been zero interest to go back.

We got watchdogs legion recently which did a good job on recreating London but the city was just bland and boring to play in made me want a gta London even less

Mr_cheese173d ago

GTA London has so much potential. The cultural change could be brilliant.

Dudeson173d ago

How about a gta in Australia... Lot's of crazy things over there to add to the game.

PapaBop173d ago

Only if we can box Kangaroos!

EvertonFC173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Killer boomerangs haha and crocodile Dundee style croc killing

Rebel_Scum173d ago

Not a bad idea tbh cos Aussies are easy to satirize like Americans are.

shinoff2183173d ago

Id be down for aus idk about london though

Profchaos173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

As an Aussie nah that would be boring af imagine a whole game in north Yankton minus the snow and lots more surfboards.

Also if you rob someone they would be like yeah righto cya mate.

Put it in Sydney and you'd get a game about sitting in traffic for 8 hours.

Flawlessmic173d ago

😂😂 I'm from Sydney so got a good laugh out of your last comment, traffic is a bitch here!!

I would love a gta game set in Australia though, that would be so sickkkkk!!

JackBNimble172d ago

That would be as exciting as GTA Canada.... I'm happy with the locations we already have. I wouldn't change a thing , infact if they did, they probably would lose fans.

Dudeson172d ago

Yeah you're right, as it's looking like the next one is set in florida... I mean there can't be a better setting for a gta game than that right? Maybe gta brazil would take the cake but that would be more like an mmo haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.