PS3 rids voice chat due to foul mouth gamers

I have been beta testing the PS3 Home for a couple months and the one thing that has always been present is the public voice chat. However, Sony recently took that feature away via firmware update. It seems like Sony has brought that feature back handicapped, which is most likely due to foul mouth gamers inside Home.

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Blademask3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Not only is it a beta.. but Sony never gave any specific reasons for voice chat degradation.I'm sure we can all assume what it is, but how can you assume, then write a blog, and state it as fact? Gaming journalism is garbage. Its all just some random brain fart jotted down on a blog and snuck into n4g.

Peter Griffin3803d ago

BETA: Best Everybody Triesnotto Assume

Rock Bottom3803d ago

Taking voice chat out was a big disappointment, but I have to say, I never felt comfortable talking with someone with a foul mouth while he's out of the reach of my hands.

chewy3173803d ago

wtf they already said that taking voice chat out was to stablize the servers as a huge amount of voice chat is affecting servers

lsujester3803d ago

Amen. Nothing quite so infuriating as having a friendly chat over a game of bowling and not be able to hear because some moron is going around shouting about everyone being a gay black man (not worded like that).

gamesR4fun3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

who would approve this fud?

Jenzo (2) - 50m ago
N4PS3G (1) - 1h ago
Rico_Suavez (1) - 2h ago
toughNAME (3) - 11h ago
Lord Anubis (4) - 11h ago

kk so whats up damit this guy a real somebody or what? Cause i mean unless hes in the know at the sony Home department it cant b all reliable right.
Tho it does make sense and makes me glad sony did it now since the phone still works n open chats on in our apt and clubs all should b safer for the users who dont wanna hear any potty mouth eh ;)
Tho i hope they make some fo those adult zones open chat after they debut...

Vip3r3803d ago

Voice chat was taken out to help sort out the bandwidth/server problems Home was having.

barom3803d ago

Honestly I rarely heard anyone talk and the ones that did was just talkin crap. Of course, I'm not saying I don't want the feature (because I do) but in many ways I don't really care.

kwicksandz3803d ago

at least this can dispel the myth that one consoles owners are more mature then the other. put a mic in front of anyones mouth and they become a jerk reguardless of what box is under their tv

claney3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

almost spot on

but then again im a socom player
and most of us arnt idiots with mouths
and no brains

specialguest3802d ago

Your avatar confuses my brain. It causes my right brain to try to process what I'm see instead of my left.

LoVeRSaMa3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

The writer of this Artical is SO restarded.

1) Voice Chat was removed because it was using lots of bandwidth creating lots of errors while trying to connect.
2) I wasnt removed Via "Firmware Update" the KIdiot, it was by a Home Patch. Firmware is SYSTEM Software for Hardware.

This guy knows nothing, I am not even going to waste my time viewing his website.

Tempist3802d ago

NONE THE LESS, we are all aware that the longer Home was going to be running the more likely it was going to degrade into the XBL voice chat experience. I think it's a smooth move for them to stop it now before it progresses.

Just because you can't always be a prick in public, doesn't give to the right to do so in Home (which is still a public place)

3802d ago
ThanatosDMC3802d ago

And they said PS3 owners didnt have mics???

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mboojigga3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Who wants to bet this will be in Beta until the PS4 or PSP2 release?
Who wants to bet that fanboys will still defend this "Beta" when that time comes?

Blademask3803d ago

What difference does it make to you?
Why do you care what fanboys say?
Why does it bother you if it remains in beta form? Like Gmail. Beta means there is never a full release, because you keep upgrading it.

Answer all of those questions. Else just look like you are crying.

Sez 3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

i understand what your saying and i agree. home is not a beta. sony is just trying to hide behind the word beta. because this is all they could come up with. after two years of tell people what home would do for gamers,dev's,ect. and this is all they came up with.

yeah.these fanboy will defend it. by claiming it's a beta. because it's not finished. then why did sony delay it so much just to give the public this garbage and throw a beta sign on it so people would be dumb enough to go with it.and not feel like sony jerked them all this time. well i seen this BS coming. HOME SUCKS. and calling it a beta isn't going to change the fact that sony [email protected] UP BIG TIME. home didn't do what it was surpose to do, it boring as hell, it's other pointless,and it feels like sony has been wasting everyone's time with this [email protected]

Armyless3802d ago

grow an IQ if you can, reading your post hurt my brain.

Sez 3802d ago

i have an IQ. sad that you can use yours because it hurt you to think.

Narutone663802d ago

called a beta console too. To the xbox fanboys, quit trashing a free social network software which are still in beta. And quit trolling the PS3 thread.

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Spike473803d ago

around in Home I realize why Sony made the decision they made. Either way, they can just run away or tell that person to get away or threaten them with a report.

Sarick3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

The age rating can be set for some areas or who has mic access.

If they don't want X rated voice chat all they need to do is limit user's mic access by age E-T rated zones disable public voice chat.

If a user selects M as their rating they can enter all rated zones through invites but lose public voice chat if the zone is below M rating. Mature audiences default to M zones with voice chat enabled. This way adults enter instances where mature audiences are and under 18 people are restricted from M zones that have public voice chat enabled.

Miraak82 3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

ya but at least we knew they were real girls when we heard them talk

kewlkat0073802d ago

Your right , I seen guys chase Girl with guy names...Something ain't right there.

The gaming GOD3803d ago

Voice chat has been back for a couple of days now. And the voice chat was temporarily taken away to repair the connection issues people were having

aftrdark213802d ago

It's been back for a few days now. Apparently this guy writing this article and the people approving it don't have PS3s or haven't logged into HOME recently.

This article is just flamebait.

Game On my True Gamers!

ultimolu3802d ago

Thank you for being the voice of reason.

DragonWarrior465343803d ago

It really feels gimped now. Only talking to one person during a bowling session blows monkey balls.