Benheck's Pelican Case Xbox 360

Ben Heck has put the final touches on his Pelican case Xbox 360. This prototype was constructed for use by troops stationed overseas. When he announced the project in October, he already knew some of the hurdles he would face. An industrial Velcro style product is used for all component mounting so the air/water-tight seal of the case remains intact. He sanded the surface so that it would stick better. [Ben] mentions that he ended up using less Velcro than he planned on because it held so well. Not being able to cut the case meant the DVD drive had to be converted to top-loading. The tray movement limit switches have been relocated so they now respond to lid position. He regrets not being able to motorize the lid, but let it go since this is still just the first attempt. Extra copper was added to all of the heat sinks to improve cooling.

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no_more_trolling3798d ago

cuz any other system will rrod or e74

i have a 360 anyway, and its just reality

just the same as the ps3 hs no games

bodybombs3798d ago

its a falcon, i doubt it will have any problems though, the heatsinks have been heavily modified with copper to reduce the heat a lot, as well as adding another fan, and some flow vents.

i have a falcon, still no redring on the stock model, so i think he'll be fine

no_more_trolling3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

falcons are prone to E74. ive fixed alot of those. the falcons are not safe either

and the falcon is not heavily modified with copper lol . i open xbox 360s everyday.

bodybombs3798d ago

no the one he used was, he put the copper on there, did you not read the article before posting?