Man of Medan Update Delivers Free Native Next-Gen Version

Supermassive has released a Man of Medan patch that adds a native PS5 version alongside new improvements.

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jonny89763d ago

Whenever the studio name is mentioned, 'Until Dawn' is always there somewhere.

Abnor_Mal63d ago

You can’t capture lightning in a bottle twice.

Profchaos63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Funny thing about man of medan I played it recently on ps5 normally it's capped at 30 fps however there's a few point's in the game where you can trigger the game to run at 60fps by investigating specific items and reading specific letters.
For whatever reason that uncapped the frame rate for the remainder of your play session until the console is powered off or game stopped. You could also have multiple save file ones where you trigger the exploit quit and load into your main game

Not sure why it took so long for an official 60 fps patch.

Outside of that it's a great looking game and quite intriguing

excaliburps63d ago

I haven't played this one. I started it but didn't finish it. Kind of weird since I dug SuperM's games a fair bit.

BlackDoomAx63d ago

I'll give it another try. Maybe it'll be less boring this time.

Profchaos63d ago

If it ever comes accross as boring you could just see how fast you can kill off all your characters

BlackDoomAx63d ago

Good idea! I already played pretty bad, and my characters were still alive xD

philm8763d ago

I played this after it was given away on PS Plus and enjoyed it, until the ending I had which just seemed really empty. I think only one of the characters died as well.

crazyCoconuts63d ago

Yeah, kinda a blah ending. I'm going through a second time to save everyone. It's been ok I think, just ok.
I'm hoping I get this upgrade despite also getting it on PS Plus so I can benefit for the rest of my playthrough

1nsomniac63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Actually thought this one was quite good and didn’t deserve the hate it got at all.

The Quarry was their worst release to date - most disappointing game of the generation so far. Such a shame.

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