Modern Warfare 2 Beta Survey Sent Out by Activision, Asks About Movement, Mini Map & More

Activision has sent out a Modern Warfare 2 beta survey to select participants asking about the movement, tick rate, TTK and more.

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Garethvk70d ago

For me it was the usual suspects of Hit Detection and Weapons balance. It has been better in recent games but I ran into players taking a full clip or two with and yet I went down with 2 shots.

porkChop70d ago

Hit detection was definitely an issue. Though to be fair I can't remember ever playing a beta that didn't have some kind of hit detection issues. Except maybe COD4 and Halo 3, but those were ages ago.

jjb198170d ago

The movement can be sped up a bit. It's slower than the MW from 2019. It feels solid and the guns feel better than Vanguard and Cold War. The perk system is trash. Their only goal is to make it so accessible so that they can sell millions of extra battle passes that wouldn't have been bought if the game was as hard to get into as the game from 2019. I know many more of my friends didn't get into it because they said the ttk was too low for them. I thought it was great and it was my preference over the last two games. This game can be great if they fix the hit detection and improve in other areas like Dead Silence alerting your enemies. FFS, why is that even a thing?

Orchard70d ago

Beta felt good overall, definitely some improvements to be made on hit detection. But it felt solid for the most part.

I did enjoy the maps though, while only a few were present, they were very well balanced for most gamemodes I played and had good paths through etc.

REDGUM70d ago

I know there is a lot of hate towards COD games as it always seems to be a rinse and repeat effort (me included) but, I quite liked what I played of it. I don't buy the games every year which helps somewhat with that.
The slower movement of the game I actually appreciated as its a change from the norm. Not for everyone I know but I survived in rounds for longer because of it too which made it more enjoyable for me. I don't have the quick reaction skills most of you have out there so for me it was a welcome change.
I'll be purchasing it as it my 1st COD game since WW2 and need a change up from my usual game types, Horizon, TLOU, Elden Ring, Dying Light etc.

smolinsk70d ago

Loved the slower pace game and Gun play,just overall a much better feeling than the last two games

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