Interview: Red 5's Stealthy Plans, Upcoming MMO

Formed by ex-Blizzard and World of Warcraft alums in 2005, Red 5 Studios has spent the past three years working on a massive multiplayer online game that's so far been kept completely shrouded, without a single screenshot or even its title released to the public.

As speculation continues to grow over whether or not Red 5 will ever come out of "stealth mode," the studio recently announced a surprise shuffle in management -- former president and CEO Mark Kern, who served as WoW's team lead while at Blizzard, stepped down from his positions and is now Red 5's Board chairman and chief creative officer.

Michael Weingartner, previously the company's Engineering VP, took over as president and CEO. He joined the company in March of this year, his résumé including executive positions at Oracle, HP, and Talking Blocks.

Kern and Weingartner recently talked with Gamasutra about their new roles, the company's global plans, and the advantages and challenges of using a microtransactions-based revenue model.

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