God of War Ragnarok PS5 Controller Screenshots & Price Revealed; Pre-Order Kicks Off Today

The God of War Ragnarok PS5 limited edition DualSense controller will be available November 9 for $74.99! Pre-orders are now open.

darthv72359d ago

thanks to an additional $5 off for being a pro member... got mine for $75 shipped.

darthv72358d ago

...I know that seems confusing as Gamestop offers free shipping on orders over $49 but there was still tax. so basically there was $5 tax and then the $5 discount took care of that. Another way to look at it was I paid $69.99 for the controller (after $5 discount) with $5 tax and free shipping.

VenomUK358d ago

It looks okay but it doesn't particularly God of War-y does it?

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SullysCigar359d ago

Very soon, I will be playing GOW Ragnarok, periodically looking down at that lovely controller with a smile on my face.

ClayRules2012359d ago

Watcha talkin bout Sully? You’ll have no time to be looking down at your controller…you’ve got a son that is in search for answers, a vengeful, powerful witch who is going to try and make good on her promise of raining down every agony, every violation imaginable upon you, among other things, I will NOT repeat😅 she scares me lol. And, you’ve got new villagers to meet in these new realms, don’t scare them😉😂along with catching up with the ever so funny and unfiltered Dwarf Brok and his stranger, yet, kind and lovable brother Sindri, who will I’m sure want to catch up with you. But you might need to give him a minute, he tends to be on the verge of puking here and there haha. Also, it’s been 4 years, and your 🪓 it’ll need some upgrades/modifications, no doubt (Don’t let Brok find out😜) otherwise you’ll have more than just Thor and Odin to deal with haha. Some new interesting characters will cross your path, such as Angrboda, she’ll be a nice addition to your team, Tyr is another, who is certainly impressive in height, and goodness, and he’s special. Oh the always entertaining, talking head Mimir, rude of me to almost forget him. A long journey awaits you, no time to take your eyes off what’s important here…Killing Thor and Odin, and taking Asgard all for yourself lol.

I did it again, Sully🙈 🤷🏼‍♂️ Honestly tho, jokes aside, here’s hoping you enjoy the controller, along with the game buddy!!

SullysCigar358d ago

Lol you did, didn't you Clay?! And now you're getting hate votes for daring to have fun!

Not looking forward to facing Freya again. A woman scorned... She was pretty pissed in the last fight and she's been dwelling on it, going by the new trailers 😬

darthv72359d ago

Oh I would never use this one to play... its too nice. this one will sit on the shelf next to the others. only wish there was a matching stand for it by Razer.

ClayRules2012358d ago

Lol, I did! And yep, hate votes for daring to have fun! Iyiyiy. But, I’ll keep doing these, simply because I enjoy doing it and not everyone hates them lol. I appreciate you, Sully!

I hear ya, I’m sure Freya will make her presence known (like in the trailer when Kratos was running in what looked to be Freya’s home realm, with Angrboda on her back or maybe it was Tyr, I don’t know) either way, she’s a woman scored, pissed off, a mother with a broken heart, and wants Kratos dead😢

Best we keep our 🪓 at the ready…

purple101358d ago

Nice. I like your style.

I actually have some unused stickers (official, licenced, came with prima official hardback guide for the last god of war)

If anyone wants them..send a stamped address envelope to me, and like £1 as a token and there yours.

So that's buy 2 stamps.. put one in an envelope and one On the envelope to send it to me in UK,. personal message me for address. And you can have them for the price of the stamps and envelope... and a £1 coin.

There worth about £5-7 for similar on ebay, but of course,. The ones i have, are not available anymore and came with the official premier edition hardback guide, (a special edition itself!) back in 2018.

So you can have an officially licenced god of war dualshock 4controller, that no-one else can buy anymore, for basically nothing.

Now there's a deal. I'd be happy (honoured actually>) to help someone out, who wants this dualsense, loves god of war, but can't afford a new one at this time

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ClayRules2012359d ago

Got mine. My fiancé is playing through 2018, again, to freshen up on her skills before Ragnarok. Love watching her improve on these games!

CobraKai359d ago

Same. I don’t wanna be like “who was that again?”

jznrpg358d ago

I wish my wife would play games with me but she only likes 2D Castlevania with items and armor and such and Konami sucks these days sooo yeah .

ClayRules2012358d ago

I’m sorry to hear that man! Maybe she’ll come around in this newer generation of consoles (with the expected leap in gameplay design now possible with the speed/SSD and power combined)Konami does suck, I agree. I’m glad she has some enjoyment with gaming, hopefully she’ll find some interest in what you play in the next several years tho. Is there anything you play that she sits back and at least watches, for like the story?

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