Dead Island 2 developer defends breakable weapons: “Guns have ammo, weapons degrade”

Weapon degradation and durability is a sore topic with some gamers, but Dambuster Studio defends the mechanic and its inclusion Dead Island 2

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-Foxtrot67d ago

But I guess it depends on the weapon

Weapons which are full on metal would last way longer than something wooden or a blade on a handle which could snap off.

A wrench, full on metal, that can degrade fast as a baseball bat is always hilarious to me.

Pepin66d ago

At least from what I've played of the game, you seem to have quite a lot of leniency when it comes to how quick the weapons break.

Profchaos66d ago

Yeah agree from memory the first game did have a sliding scale of durability but it's been 10 years since I played it so I may be remembering wrong

Christopher67d ago

Maybe if it's cobbled together, but pretty sure a sword or metal bat isn't going to break and be utterly useless after 20 kills. Just say it's a game mechanic choice. No need to apply realism to it.

-Foxtrot67d ago

They are trying to apply realism forgetting it's a game about Zombies...

Crows9066d ago

It's more about balance than realism. And no a sword won't last very long if you don't know how to use it. Not to mention the impact resistance of hitting a wall instead would probably hurt and bounce of hitting the user. So not realism but balance. More like adding the ammo mechanic to a melee weapon.

Ashunderfire8666d ago

I think the worse to me in Dying Light 2 was the stupid stamina for climbing and hanging on the edge of a building smh 🤦‍♂️ it’s so bad at the beginning you run out of stamina way too quick, while the zombies butcher you. It makes the game unbalanced and less soother than the first one. Dead Island 2 is looking better right now with the gory combat system.

Palitera66d ago

Not really balance, Crows90. It's a struggle for every developer: How to make the player try different approaches/loadouts? It's a very tough topic.
I respect that they couldn't find a better way. I just hope the items can be repaired.

ChubbyBlade66d ago

…and? Just because a single element exists that isn’t real doesn’t mean others can’t.

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yeahokwhatever66d ago

I dont know..swords break pretty easily. thats a thin piece of steel. Too many bones and that thing's gonna be tweaked a little. Now, a metal pipe vs. human flesh? that really shouldn't wear out.

Christopher66d ago

Break or just aren't as sharp? Perhaps if you're just beating your sword against another sword it breaks easily, but I don't think that's how you're supposed to use a sword. I still don't want to go up against someone with a dull sword.

GoodGuy0967d ago

If the game does it well then it's fine. There needs to be plenty of lootable weapons and rng stats, attachments etc. For unique/legendary weapons, they need to be reobtainable.
Make them repairable and upgradeable that isn't a chore and annoying to do.

NovusTerminus66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

No weapon durability system has been as good as Way of the Samurai 1 & 2. (Don't know if they changed it after that so I'm only speaking to what I've played. )

Snookies1266d ago

Makes me think I need to go back to Way of the Samurai 4... Such an underrated series...

TheColbertinator66d ago

Fun game with good ideas but poor execution

DankSinatra66d ago

If they have weapons different durability classes based on material then it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Seriously hate how a chunk of metal can break as easily as a piece of wood.

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