After 16 years, Mega Man Powered Up will lose user-created content on November 30th

Sixteen years after its PlayStation Portable debut, Capcom has announced that online services for Mega Man Powered Up (known as RockMan RockMan in Asian territories) will be shutting down

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Remakes & Remasterpieces: An Ongoing Look at the Best in the Biz

Phil writes, "Much like the realm of movies, video games are no strangers to remakes and returns to the classics that are fondly remembered. While with Hollywood, many times the modern version of a classic isn't at all necessary, with video games, we see entries that may have sufficed decades ago that may not exactly live up to our nostalgia or rose-tinted glasses today.

That's where remakes and remasters come in. Some might call them cynical money-grabs, but I'd prefer to call them modernizing and--at least with these examples on this inaugural edition of this new article series--improving the gameplay and visuals for old fans and new generations to enjoy. Bonus points if they add new content in as well!"

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Mega Man VS. Mega Man: Powered Up

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Many retro gamers have fond memories of playing the original Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertainment System, a game that was not a blast to play through but also one of the reasons why that era of gaming is often cited as being among the most challenging and rewarding to visit. And while Capcom has been keen on re-releasing the Blue Bomber’s first adventure over the years we don’t get full on remakes of his games, that is until the PSP saw the release of Mega Man: Powered Up, a stylistically different game but filled to brim with all of classic Mega Man gameplay that fans have come to know and love from the series. So for part two of our look at which is better, the original or the remake, we’re comparing Mega Man and it’s PSP remake."

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FallenAngel19842018d ago

The most recent Mega Man style game I’ve played is Gal Gunvolt Burst


Top 10 PlayStation Portable (PSP) Games

Carl Williams writes, "The PlayStation Portable was Sony’s first stand alone portable and boy was it a special platform. The power of this bad boy was about on par with the PlayStation 2 console, could play PSOne titles, had a large library (over 1,300 games worldwide), and it was one of the first portables to offer Internet surfing out of the box. Whew. That is a lot of games for fans to sift through, a lot are region specific releases (but the PSP is not region locked). Here are my Top 10 PlayStation Portable games – got a beef with one? Let me know in the comments!10) Mega Man Powered Up"

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