.hack, Naruto developer working on new IP, PS3 exclusive?

PCN writes:

CyberConnect2, the Japanese developer most famous for their work with the .Hack and Naruto games, is working on a brand new IP, unrelated to their previous works. The new title is due out sometime in 2009.

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N4PS3G3681d ago

make it better than your previous Naruto games and we'll see

Peter Griffin3681d ago

didnt cyber connect2 make the Storm for the ps3? have u seen or play that game?

Keep doin great work cyber, i love ur last iteration

Why o why3681d ago

playing as we speak, quite tuff tbh

Jamegohanssj53680d ago

I saw PS3 and Exclusive in the same sentence. I am here to gloat. I hope this is true.


B-Rein3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I really really hope its true and its gonna be a ps3 exclusive,
hope it dunr end up like how Tales of vesperia was as we expected it to be on ps3 but later on it was announced on xbox 360

edit: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I hope it aint this game :(

ThanatosDMC3680d ago

Naruto Storm is great but as usual since it's a PS3 game we expect more. MGS4 and R2 did my $65 justice. MGS4 made me keep playing and drooled over everything i saw and heard. R2 was fantastic with its SP and MP. Naruto was cut short and there was not a lot of characters included in the game. It became a versus mode game very fast.

I hope Zone of the Enders 3 will be grander and have a more robust versus mode and some sort of challenge mode or an endless fighting mode.

Doppy3680d ago

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm will be the most underrated game this year. No one is going to get it, unless they're a fan of the anime, but the game is one of the best fighters this generation, and I'm, truly looking forward to a sequel.

CyberConnect let me help you make the sequel.

Marceles3680d ago

"1.5 -
Naruto Storm is great but as usual since it's a PS3 game we expect more."

I just expected it to be better than any Naruto game out including the 360 games, and it succeeded

SaiyanFury3680d ago

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm was awesome. I loved every minute of it and the grand scenes that they had in the game. If they enjoyed PS3 exclusivity then no doubt their new game will also be a PS3 exclusive.

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Kain813681d ago

the devs said that on a EVENT but i dont know which EVENT that was...

Simon_Brezhnev3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I wonder how the new ip going to be. Was the .hack games any good?

Kain813680d ago

was an RPG for ps2 and they worked on other RPGs too

Gue13680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

.hack was decent. not on part with games like FF, DQ, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia... but good anyway.

TIKUP3681d ago

cool cant wait it better be good or else im going to the creater of the game and raping him till he pukes!! lol
Merry Xmas Gamers

Blademask3681d ago

So, lets hope they stick to the PS3. Don't want the 360 downgrade to happen, my eyes have adjusted to PS3 graphics.

hazbaz3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

AMEN to that and MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) + bubble

Halochampian3680d ago

Quit with the BS graphics stuff. Is it really that important to you?


In the giving mode? Giving bubbles to whom dont deserve?

Lex Luthor3680d ago

Graphics aren't everything, especially in ninja storm when the single player gets dull very quickly and limited multiplayer options.

Faztkiller3680d ago

tea the are important they can take u out of the game in the case of fable 2
i could hardly play it.
same with fallout 3

Halochampian3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

then you cant appreciate a good game then and I feel sorry for ya.

Graphics are like icing on the cake pretty too look at, but doesnt make the cake.

Oh and by the way, Fable 2 was a beautiful game.

Faztkiller3680d ago

fable was a ok game but sometimes it was ugly
and when u beat it in like 10 hour and its boring and u start to notice the graphics arnt that great not worth the $60 $40 would have been about right

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Sevir043681d ago

another thing worth noting is that they are doing an RPG, brand new and has no IP brand relation to Naruto or the .Hack franchises. whats more i believe this is one of the 5 RPGs that sony could have in development.

We have 2 major jap rpgs hitting next year in japan, one hits in feb 2009 coming by virtue of FROM SOFTWARE with Demon's Souls, and the month after its the FF13 demo lol! and then Fall 2009 most likely november/december 2009 japan lays wasted to perhaps square's only hit this gen for next gen consoles.

Kain813680d ago

C2C are an external studio.
And Shuhei Yoshida said that they work on exclusives with 3rd party devs for PS3 exclusiv RPGs

i hope Kojima works on Zone of Enders 3, he will make an announcement in one or two weeks

Sevir043680d ago

So i'm saying Sony could have funded there development and work closely with them to insure it turns out the way they want it.

Kain813680d ago

and Shuhei said that SONY works on 5 RPGs, and he said that they are not announced yet
and Demon soul was announced on TGS2008

The legend of Dragoon 2
Darkcloud 3
are one of this 5 RPGs (RUMOR)

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