Far Cry 6 "Game of the Year" Edition Expansion and Upgrade Pass Leaked

Ubisoft is releasing a "Game of the Year" edition for Far Cry 6 this year. It was leaked ahead of the official announcement through Microsoft Store.

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Knushwood Butt64d ago

Hoping Far Cry 5 shows up on PS Plus Extra.

AcidDvl63d ago

It's 30 fps on PS5 unfortunaly

SurgicalMenace63d ago

I guess that makes it unplayable now, huh?🤔

porkChop63d ago


At no point did they say it was unplayable.

MadLad63d ago


Playing at 30fps was a joke years ago. Let alone in 2022.
No game that requires precise aiming can be properly played at 30fps.

Does it work? Sure.
Is it crap? Yes.

Knushwood Butt63d ago


Currently playing FC3 Classic Edition on PS5 and that's jerky as hell but you get used to it.

Ubisoft sure are low effort.

SurgicalMenace62d ago

I know plenty of people who enjoyed this game and didn't even mention FPS one time. Hell, I even enjoyed it and FPS didn't cross my mind once either. It seldom does.🤷🏾‍♂️

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SonyStyled63d ago

It’s been out for 5 years now. Why wait for it to be on PS Plus Extra if you’ve wanted to play it for this long?

Knushwood Butt63d ago

Other games took priority, plus I don't like Ubisoft's sloppy support.

I bought 4 cheap, but figure I can wait for 5, and 6.

I do like a bit of FC though. Guilty pleasure. Running amok on a tropical island is great escapism.

Bathyj63d ago

Did this actually win goty from anyone or are we just calling complete versions with DLC goty?

Rebel_Scum63d ago

The latter which is a bit pf a joke but at least its clear what you’re getting. I was thinking the same thing last night when I saw Fallout 4 goty edition on the store.

Ezio204862d ago

Fallout 4 won over 50 goty awards

MajorLazer62d ago

This has been a thing for years now, companies releasing "GotY" editions instead of a "complete edition".

CDbiggen63d ago

Ugh, if you value your time and money steer well clear of this repetitive pile of garbage. After you clear the baby starting island, you can go anywhere, but it's all the same everywhere. Also, every areas allies are insufferable, every named enemy forgettable, bullet sponge enemies and an ending that is among the least satisfying I've ever seen.

PressPlayBros62d ago

Who voted this game of the year?