FIFA 23 and PES getting old? A 90s football classic is coming to Steam

FIFA 23 and PES, or eFootball as it’s now known, might be giving you modern football fatigue, but a 90s sports game classic is thankfully coming to Steam

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XiNatsuDragnel63d ago

Bring this on for a sequel please!

Terry_B62d ago

But..the sequel came out in 1998 already ;)

PapaBop62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I think football fans are crying out for a new franchise. EA have been complacent for years and eFootball got off to the worst start possible. I remember having fun with Actua Soccer but even back then, the older PES games (ISS Pro 98/Evolution) were king.

Towers62d ago

I'm shocked there's not a good alternative to Fifa, seeing as the sport is arguable the biggest in the world. I get licensing can cause an issue but a good game will see and can grow into a franchise. There's always work arounds such as an edit player/team/league names option.
I'm surprised there isn't more fun arcaedy options too. Mario Strikers is the only game I can think of.

TheColbertinator62d ago

It is unfortunate since many of the European leagues sell their licenses exclusively to whoever they choose. Premier League and La Liga are sealed up tightly with EA.

slayernz62d ago

Loved actua soccer back in the day, played it heaps with mates...although if you got the curve controls nailed you could score from just over halfway quite a lot