We’re getting more short games on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus – and VG247 couldn’t be happier

As we hear that A Plague Tale: Requiem is anywhere between 15 to 18 hours long, with no filler, I rejoice that shorter games are becoming more accessible.

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Blastoise66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I think it says a lot about how bloated games are with filler when an 18 hour game is now considered "short"

mkis00765d ago

When did making exploring rewarding just become filler?

Profchaos65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It was great in the ps2 era when games like gta sa put interesting things in every corner of the map and it was tailor made. It wasn't actually that big but it was smartly designed to feel massive.

Over the last few generations so many devs have made open world games that have so much dead space in them you can explore but its often generic unremarkable areas on a map which must don't matter.

Not every game is like this ofcourse ghost of tsushima, fallout, rdr, gta had a great map to explore. But for every ghost or fallout there's 10 saints row reboot or just cause 4 games with so much empty bland space exploring is so boring.

crazyCoconuts65d ago

I agree. Exploring is fun for some of us and games with a straight linear progression without some off the beaten path side quests are fine but lacking that extra draw.

frostypants65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Because people like the author are OCD and cannot handle not seeing every bit of content there is, even if it is optional and even if it makes them miserable to do so. So instead of working on their personal issue, they'd prefer less content for everyone. It's just the usual self entitlement manifesting in a bizarre way.

FinalFantasyFanatic65d ago

Interesting, personally I just play a game until I feel I am done with it, never felt the urge to explorer every nook and cranny or every side quest. BotW is one of the few games where I was excited to explore almost everything, and to a lesser degree, HZD, but both those games are standouts among the open-world genre.

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andy8565d ago

I do enjoy a fairly short game sometimes. Reselling it for 95-100% of the cost back is always nice on the pocket 😂😂

Father__Merrin65d ago

Best GP games are quick games to complete and easy gamerscore

XbladeTeddy65d ago

What do you do with your gamerscore Father Merrin?

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