Final Fantasy Dissidia - Full of Panty Shots and Green Hair

When it was first announced that Terra Branford was appearing in Final Fantasy Dissidia, many fans were disappointed that her updated version did not feature her trademark green hair. Well, for a small in-game price you can unlock her original green hair design as an alternate costume. Good news for retro Final Fantasy fans who wouldn't have her any other way.

And, of course, the only screenshots that show this "alternate costume" include shameless close-ups of Terra's crotch. It is also possible to customize your character's underwear. Ya bunch of pervs!

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meepmoopmeep3803d ago

every spikey-haired metrosexual's "fantasy", yeah?

xwabbit3803d ago

lmao the types of articles people approve in this site

Bolts3803d ago

You don't approve of panties? What kind of self respecting man doesn't approve panties? That is unless you like to wear to panties, then that'd be wrong.

cyrus2283803d ago

wait u can customize underwear???? so wait wtf? u can make costumes or switch them up in dissidia? interesting....makes me wish tifa was in this game, old tifa top with new tifa skirt :D

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