Watchdog Has Received Over 250 complaints About The X360 Breaking Just After The Warranty Expired

Watchdog (BBC) writes on their site:

"The Xbox 360 was a global phenomenon when it was launched in the UK in December 2005. The world's richest man and Microsoft boss Bill Gates called it the Ferrari of home entertainment. But we've had nearly 250 complaints from people who think it's more of a clapped-out old banger.

Worse still, you've been telling us that some of the problems with your faulty Xbox 360 consoles occur when the one-year warranty has run out. That means you have to fork out to get it fixed.

Alex Ainsow had no problems for a year. But, just after the warranty ran out, his Xbox 360 wouldn't stop crashing. He had to pay £85 for the repair. His second Xbox 360 lasted three days before it got the 'three red lights' - a hardware failure known in the gaming community as the 'ring of death'. Once you see them, the box can't be fixed."

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OutLaw5705d ago

I wrote about a problem with my 360 last weekend and here is what I wrote.

My xbox360 just got the red rings today after having it for a year and 3 months. I got it on release day. So I called them about the problem and at first you get a recording taking you step by step about how to troubleshoot the damn thing. I did that and still the three red lights. After the whole waste of time with the recording they connect you to an agent. Told the person about the problem and of me trying to troubleshoot the damn thing and the agent said well I have some bad news for you, it maybe something wrong with your 360. "No, really?" After being on the phone for a little while he then told me I have to pay $139.90. Now at the moment I have no choice but to do this because I also have the HD-DVD add-on with alot of HD movies. But if I had a choice I wouldn't do it because from day one, people have been complaining about the original shipment and I feel that MS knew about it and should have made a recall for those systems. Now I know that people feel that the PS3 isn't worth the price. But with the price of my system, the HD-DVD add-on and the repair I have to pay for, for a system I had for less than a year and a half, my 360 is costing me more than my PS3.

Now I'm waiting for the box to send it out to MS.

eques judicii5705d ago

so... let me get this straight... 250 complaints out of how many units in britain? wow, doesn't seem newsworthy

marionz5705d ago

why do sony fans take so much pleasure in digging for bad MS news?
i dont buy consoles till the problems from the first batch have been fixed, we in New Zealand usually are about 6mths to a year behind in even getting the consoles, its good in a way cos we dont get dodgy products, and no i havnt had any problems with my 360, had it about 9mths now.
this story is just little people trying to do damage to MS over a problem that is OLD and was sorted out ages ago, and the fact MS is continually refineing the 360 with new dvd drives etc is actually a good thing!
im going to get another 360 once the new drive is released here, old one can go in the bedroom, to me its better to have 2 360's then a ps3 or wii!
sony can try all they like but i dont want a movie player, i want games, and the wii is just a toy.

fanboys keep digging for bad news, it just shows how pathetic you really are.

True Gamer5705d ago (Edited 5705d ago )

Why do MS fans take so much pleasure in covering up bad news for the xbox 360?

Look I just found this interesting and decided to post it.

This news story came out today so its brand new.

BTW I own both the xbox 360 and PS3 so I'm not a fanboy, but by the looks of things you are definitely a fanboy.

I also find it interesting that you still have all 5 bubbles.

eques judicii5705d ago

however, i think the whole busted 360 news reports are getting a bit stale. not because they aren't valid, and not because it didn't happen... but because it IS old news.... yes I know this report talks about launch 360s that stop working after the warranty expired... i understand that... but come on!! this bush has been beaten to death already... what should be pointed out is that none of these reports have to do with the newer consoles.. the ones that have been manufactured in the past 6 months (and no, when you purchase it != when it was made... i'm trying to find one manufactured after nov 2006 so i can get the benq drive)

so while you are correct about the fanboyism... this is like bringing up the fact that motorstorm doesn't look like the cg trailers... again... its been beaten to death... so can we stop posting these stories????? there are more exciting things happening in the gaming world

marionz5705d ago

nope im not a fanboy sorry, but as eques judicii pointed out the story is a bit stale, and the fact some programme has waited till now to report it! LAME! and i have 5 bubbles yes, because im not abusive like some of the people on here, again im not a fanboy, i like games, unfortunatly neither sony or microsoft is exactly trustworthy, its a shame console wars get so dirty!

XboxDavey5705d ago

I cant belive people who have a 360after launch are laughing at us who thought ms would produce console that did not need to be repaired..Sorry i got had and am not defending the pirates of silicon vally anymore

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