Masahiro Sakurai Criticizes Lengthy Game Intros

"When someone first tries a game, they quickly judge whether or not it's fun. If you make them wait too long, they might put the game down."

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SinisterMister66d ago

I enjoy a good introduction as long as it's crafted nicely. But yeah, I'm really excited to just get into the game, so spare me the long dialogues and stuff. Imo, a good introduction should long as last as the penultimate God of War (PS4).

Mr Pumblechook65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

God of War (2018) is not the 'penultimate' (second to last) episode because Sony's Cory Balrog has said/hinted that more is coming after Ragnarok. The more appropriate word would've been 'previous'.

SinisterMister65d ago

Why thank you Mr. Pumblechook for pointing that out. Yes, I'm aware that there are more God of Wars incoming. I should've written the *current penultimate.

FinalFantasyFanatic65d ago

I really love the FF7 OG's intro, it was precise and to the point, you had as much dialogue as you did gameplay and it threw you into the action almost immediately.

garos8265d ago

Dark Souls does it best

-" Here have a key to escape your prison, good luck lmao"