Killzone 2 Review Codes Sent to Reviewers

Review codes have been sent to reviewers.

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Rice3799d ago

Wait, huh? So is this the final version?

PirateThom3799d ago

No, it's the review code. It's the one before final code.

Often, it'll still have some bugs but they'll use any feedback to fix in the final version.

jwatt3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

That's what im saying, is it normal for the review codes to be out this early. I would of thought they would want to fix a few more things or are they still going to.

The pictures look amazing! who's the guy in the 5th pic on the left page on top?

EDIT: Thanks Pirate for anwsering my question.

Theo Paphitis3799d ago

This is it guys. The moment of truth.

What review site does he work for?

TheIneffableBob3799d ago

Magazines usually get review code first since they publish on a monthly schedule, unlike online sites which can publish whenever they want. This review code is often near final, which means that it may contain bugs, such was the case with Lost Odyssey (it had long loading times in the review builds; the loading was still long in the final build, but it wasn't as long).

RPG Guy3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

This is it, the black box that all critics have been waiting for to thrash and trash. Let's see who has the guts first to rip this game apart.

I wonder what the embargo date is? Either way, nice Christmas gift for the media. Here's my predictions:

Gamespot: 8.0
IGN: 8.8
1up: B-
GiantBomb: 3/5
X-Play: 4/5
Gamepro: Fun Factor - 4/5
GameInformer: 8.25
GamesRadar: 8

FOR THE RECORD: Next to FFXIII and SO: Last Hope (RPG fan), this is my most anticipated game for 2009.

cLiCK_sLiCK93799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I agree with you. These reviewers are going to look every inch in the game to look for flaws. I wont even be surprised if they give Killzone 2 graphics score less than a 10 knowing how they are. I could already picture all these sites losing their credibility due to this game.

*looks at the MSG4 and GTA4 reviews....*sigh

Xelai3798d ago

The code is out quite early, this guys must be pretty sure of the game as it is.

Now the real question is if the campaign is up to the same par of the rest of the game.

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BrunoM3799d ago

If thats how the box is gonna look il get 2 so i can have one to just look at lol... damn thats SEXY (as far as not being a girl goes lol)

damn that looks GOOD!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! KZ2 YEAH FTW!!!

lokiroo4203799d ago

The four horsemen have mounted for the box's end!

Peter Griffin3799d ago

I really hope thats the box cover

PSNID: UnSelfHomicide

Orange3799d ago

I believe the cover art is shown on the last page of the booklet he photographed.

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Naked-Snake3799d ago

The cover looks so friggin cool

Dawn_Of_Ashes3799d ago

i really cant wait for this game!!!

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bviperz3799d ago

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Kain813799d ago

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